A simple life hack for you're backup place.

If see an suspicious usb laying aroud on the table, you can check it...

But an old mobile phone?? you cant hook it up to a normal pc anymore or can you!?

Things you need:

old mobile phone
a small enough usb
a knife

Hope you like it :)

Step 1: Take Every Thing Apart

Here you see every component laying on a table

Step 2: Fit the Usb in the Battery Case

I cleared out the battery out of its case
and stuck the usb in.

"lost the photo's of cleaning the battery"

Step 3: Putting It All Together

And lastly no one has seen an usb
<p>good idea!</p>
Thank you!
Learn to spell photo right
<p>For real Connor? Are you forgetting the &quot;Be nice Policy&quot; Hmm?</p>
Ow i am sorry English is not my primary language ;)

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