After doing this instructable , I wanted to make it a completely clean look by eliminating the HDMI cable and the power cable. The plan was to install a new power outlet behind the TV, and install 2 (not sure what they're officially called) media boxes, which let me pass the HDMI cable (or any other component cables) through the wall. 

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Tools and supplies in the pics.

Disclaimer: this instructable involves, among other things, messing around with wires in your wall. I am not an electrician. I've done a lot of light fixtures and ceiling fans on my own, but I never have anything inspected by a professional. Though everything functions as intended upon completion, I might have done something incorrectly. Feel free to correct me, or add tips for other people in the comments below.
Cool, I never even thought about doing this! I don't have a flat screen yet, but when I do, I'm certainly going to incorporate some of these ideas; makes for a nice clean install. <br><br>Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the work you put into sharing this! But, have you heard of the Sewell WallBlade? &nbsp;It has all the parts you need to do this in one package, with up-to firecode cable. &nbsp;Check it out:&nbsp;<a href="http://sewelldirect.com/WallBlade-by-Sewell-Recessed-Wall-Plate-Cable-Drop-With-Power.asp" rel="nofollow">http://sewelldirect.com/WallBlade-by-Sewell-Recessed-Wall-Plate-Cable-Drop-With-Power.asp</a>
There are several products like that, but I wanted to buy something locally and not order online.
i did a similar thing, however i just grabbed a holesaw, cut a hole into the room (alcove area with fridges and shelves) put one of those hole cover things for office desks into it then placed all media boxes on a shelf over the fridge. <br><br>i then got an IR repeater / extender so that i could still control all the boxes. and result is a perfectly clean wall with TV. <br><br>I also made a shelf that sits on top of the TV wall mount bracket and just under the top of the Tv which is great for sitting the remotes on. <br><br><br>also american wiring and outlets scare the hell outa me with their exposed terminals.
My son's bedroom closet is on the opposite side of the wall I used. I thought about installing the components in there using an IR repeater, but ultimately decided this would be easier. I may still do that in the future, though.<br><br>What do you mean by exposed terminals? How are they in other countries?
You can use this, yea it's a little pricey, but you can do it without having to be an electrician and you are still covered if anything happens your insurance company will still cover you. <br> <br>http://www.bestbuy.com/site/PowerBridge+-+In-Wall+Power+Extension+Cable+Management+for+Most+HDTVs+-+White/9854446.p?id=1218186068186&amp;skuId=9854446&amp;st=power%20bridge&amp;cp=1&amp;lp=1
Also if you have low profile Wall Mounting kit, it good to use &quot;Leviton 689-W Recessed Duplex Outlet&quot;, this way the plugs are not in the way...<br><br>Borik
Just remember that if something happens, the insurance doesn't cover the damage if a certified electrician hasn't inspected the circuits
Each person should check with their own homeowners policy. This can differ based on location and the insurer.
So on the preexisting outlet at the bottom of the wall you just doubled up the wires on the screws to run to the top (new) outlet?
The screws were unused, the existing wire was pressed into the holes you see in the pic, on the back of the outlet. Old wire in hole, new wire on screw. <br><br>Except the ground, that has 2 wires on one screw. Or one wire on the screw, the other wrapped around it, I can't remember.

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