Hiding the Min Value on a Slider in Qualtrics


Introduction: Hiding the Min Value on a Slider in Qualtrics

Sometimes, we want to hide the Min Value on a slider in Qualtrics. This walkthrough will teach you how!

Step 1: Step 1: Add JavaScript to the Question

You'll want to do this on each of your sliders where you want to hide your Min Value. We can grab the element by class name and hide it.

This is the JavaScript you want to use:

document.getElementsByClassName("MinValue")[0].style.visibility = "hidden";

This video shows you how to add that JS to the Question: http://screencast.com/t/OO9XxjJ4Qjx



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    Is there a way to hide all of the values and just leave the notches of the slider?

    1 reply

    add this in the custom CSS under Look & Feel

    .JFEScope .Skin .q-slider ul.numbers{visibility: hidden; }