High Class Dog Door





Introduction: High Class Dog Door

We have two great dogs that use a standard dog door.  It is incredibly convenient, but I never liked the look of the door.  I decided to upscale it with a custom-made door frame and a raised panel door.  Everything was built out of pine.  I bought stock molding for the header and routed the fluted columns and plinth blocks.  The door was made with a 3-piece raised panel, rail, and stile bit set on my router table.  The knob is a pair of brass kitchen cabinet knobs, and the hinges are just some small butt hinges.  The original plastic flap door is still in use, but this makes it look a lot better.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures along the way, but you can see the before, after, and in-use shots.  Hopefully it is enough for others to copy.



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    I love this door!!! I am do not have tools and not handy. Have you considered making and selling these doors? I love that it is just like ours, because they are family the dog deserves no less. Seems much more dignified than shoving their face in plastic. Even if you keep the plastic, this just looks nicer. My children would love opening the door respectfully and holding it with proper southern hospitality for our dog.

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    Thanks for the feedback, and I'm so glad you like it! Although it didn't take that long to build, I just don't have a lot of free time these days; so building them for resale isn't really feasible. Maybe when I retire from my real job!

    Super impressed with the looks of this! Thanks for the ideas.

    How is it wearing since installation, with several dogs coming and going? Needing repainting?

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    It is wearing fairly well. It has been several years and probably needs a new coat of paint. It stays open most of the time. We only close it when we need to keep the dogs in (or out) or when we go away for vacation. You can see a few scratches in the photo that I took today (21MAR15):


    Thanks for taking the time to give us an update on how it's wearing. :) This is still the prettiest doggie door I've seen.

    I love it, saw it on Pinterest, how do I miss these things, I Live for Instructables!


    CLEVER! Absolutely marvelous idea.Thank you for sharing.

    This is the nicest Dog Door yet! Very nicely executed. I like how it can close off the door and keep the elements out!

    That really is an awesome idea, no more ugly dog doors. I'll have to suggest this to my friends.

    This is pure awesome! Now I *really* wish I had a router!