Be Innovative and Creative, Make a statement with a Recycled Wearable Art!
Create a Fashion garment from recycled bottles for your fashion show, fashion photoshoot and promotions !

This Instructable will guide you through the process, of creating a fashion vest from Recycled Water Bottles.The print of the vest would be your logo or a slogan that you will print to promote your brand or product!
In this sample- Fashion Vest, Size Small, "Saleyla* Stay a la mode" print.

Step 1: Materials

-16 small water bottles
-two bottle caps
-sewing machine (100/16 needle)
-black marker
-black trim ( cotton ,finished edges trim 3 yards)
-3/4" silver plated links- 32 counts
-needle nose pliers
-2" safety pin
-small gauge wire
<p>It's like bottling fashion!!</p>
Lovely work.
I am extremely impressed with this idea. Fantastic in every way. You are so innovative!
Cool : ) Very nice photography of the model. I don't have a steamer. I have used a craft-type heat gun for heating and molding the plastic from bottles. It gets to about 300F. Tyvek is another interesting material to apply heat to, and it is easier to sew.
please explain to me what is a steamer , what is the normal use for a steamer- I am from Denmark - but love your work with the bottles
Hi felukka, This is a garment steamer!<br/>Here is the link -<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6222679&amp;type=product&amp;id=1072287998351&amp;ref=06&amp;loc=01&amp;ci_src=14110944&amp;ci_sku=6222679">http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6222679&amp;type=product&amp;id=1072287998351&amp;ref=06&amp;loc=01&amp;ci_src=14110944&amp;ci_sku=6222679</a><br/><br/>I would recommend a garment steamer for anybody<sub>it is a great tool to steam your clothes and remove wirnkles!</sub><br/><br/>
Very creative!
Thank you:)
Its very interesting, does it make noise as you move? Does it feel like a corset if you tie it tight?
yes,it does make a little noise,when you move your arms<sub>but it's pretty comfy,when yo tie it up at the front,it feels like corset</sub>it is cool because all the pieces adjust to your body movements :)<br/>
ok, i know this is kinda weird <sub>cuz i am a guy</sub> but i was just wonderin what it felt like, although i guess you could make thes for guys... that would be interesting<sub>......</sub><sup>......</sup><sub>......</sub> not gonna try it though it is really awesome though cudos for thinking of it<br/>
it feels good<sub>,maybe i will wear it out to a party or something:)</sub><br/>
you will definitly be getting alot of compliments ;)
FANTASTIC! most inspirational project I have seen in months. Thank you! love the use of the steamer...opens my eyes to some other possibilities.
Thank you Lynne!!! The steamer works great on the plastic, i was wondering at first, but when i tested it and it worked<sub>i was very happy and excited to put my vest together :))))</sub><br/>
sorta reminds me of scale mail be neat do see a longer garment ie jacket, trench done like this
I am quite impressed with how good this looks!
Thank you:)

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