Introduction: High FPS Airsoft Target

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If your like me you don't want to spend a whole bunch of money on airsoft BBs. That is why I made my own target with bullet catcher. This target will stop most airsoft rifle bullets so you don't have to waste money again.

Note: As all guns are different it may not work with every rifle straightaway but you can modify it to your rifle.

Step 1: Materials

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1) Tin Foil
2) One Tin Foil Box.
3) One Twelve Pack Coke Box.
4) The Print out Target on the Instructable or your own Target (Not Shown)

Step 2: Tools

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1) Hot Glue Gun
2) Sharp Knife
3) Scissors

Step 3: Airsoft Proofing It

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First, you need to hot glue about five sheets of one foot by one foot tin foil together. Do this as many times as you want depending on how high FPS your airsoft gun is.

Below One Hundred FPS= One Layer
One Hundred-One Fifty FPS= Two Layers
One Fifty- Two Hundred FPS= Three Layers
Two Hundred- Three Hundred= Four or Five Layers
Above Two Fifty= Seven
Higher Than That- You Decide

Note: The reason you use tin foil is because it will bend on impact absorbing some of the buullets energy and slowing it down.

Step 4: Assembly

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Cut the drink box open and lay it flat, then snip off the extra stuff on the ends. Next, cut in half and cut one of those sections in half. Hot glue your Tin Foil layers to one side of the half a box and cut off the extra. Fold the other cut sections in half and hot glue to the back of the Tin Foil like shown. Glue the Aluminum foil box inside against the target (not shown here). Glue the cloth to the top of the target and stretch tight to the aluminum foil box.

Step 5: Glue the Target On

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Glue the target to the front of the cardboard and your done. If your airsoft BBs go too deep into it you can always make a small hole and cut them out.

Step 6: Printable Target

Picture of Printable Target

Here is my target that you can print out.


Gabberflastic (author)2017-06-19

Hey guys, if cardboard does not work for you I used duct tape no airsoft gun can shoot through duct tape.

harter112 (author)2013-12-26

you know reusing them is bad because they can clog up your gear box and break your gun if it is not a perfect sphere

instructiboy (author)2012-08-20

you guys know the point of a catcher is just to stop bbs from going past your target and into something that you don't want bbs in, not to reuse bbs.

stg.badass (author)2010-08-05

i have a 700fps airsoft sniper rifle(hitman 600) and im expected to have the bbs in one peice what the heck.

When you said 700fps I totally thought 'What a load of BS!' Then I checked around. Holy cow. I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

willymakesstuff (author)2010-06-03

 did not work at alll bcuz i have a 500 fps spring sniper and i shoot through 4 sheets of cardboard :( so guess im back to soda cans

Did you use the tin foil layers?

Miscellaneous (author)2010-08-11

If the BBs are not damaged or dirty they can be recirculated with no side effects to your gun. There is no reason they cannot be reused.

crazyvideo2224 (author)2010-02-24

 For how much FPS is this suitable?

lowe (author)crazyvideo22242010-06-01

i have a 350 fps spring pistol, will this work with this target. And is the reason some guns wont work because they have to be strong enough to go through the cardboard

imthatguy1125 (author)2010-02-16

 um dont think this would work with a 400 fps co2 pistol or machine gun

 Comment Removed By Obama

Miscellaneous (author)2009-12-03

Thanks for the compliment. By the way it is safe to reuse pellets as long as they are not damaged or dirty.

Meroki (author)2009-11-25

oh you must mean the pellets that should never be spoken of,

....the dreaded .12's

god the chinese companies that crap out those chea pellets that shatter in a gun and have the horrible seams should be shut down! D:

.20 or higher, even for the crappy guns....even the crappy ones.

but seriously, i play high preformance airsoft and like....oh god .12's are like satan if the airsofting world was the bible.

Meroki (author)2009-09-24

DONT REUSE PELLETS UR GONNA MESS UP UR GUN RWAAAA D: srsly dude dont re use pellets youve already fired, especially from an AE

thing 2 (author)2009-09-16

great target LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

airsoftdominator999 (author)2009-08-24

go to for targets. first, go to home, then to freebees/downloads.

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