Store bought Christmas stockings have always seemed lame. After a few high heel versions I saw on Woot I decided to do what fellow instructalbes members do...MAKE ONE. One that  would match my wife's personality a bit better.

So here is my wife's new high heel stocking. She was just given it today as a Christmas gift so Santa could fill it on Christmas eve. (of course I believe in Santa he is the original maker....) Its both a gift and a gift magnet.

So lets get started..

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

2/3 ish yards fabric for the boot upper. (red velvet from Joanns)
1/3 yard boot trim. (white fur stuff from Joanns)
One pair heels (goodwill, if you have issues with old shoes buy new. all parts were either painted or covered)
1 tube shoe goo (home depot)
Spray adhesive
a sewing machine
thread to match the upper color and trim color
a paper bag for a pattern
a pencil
a pair of scissors
a kinfe with a rounded thick blade
a screw driver (flat) or a trim stick
spray paint for the heel (what ever color you like i used black)
lots of sneaky....so your wife doesn't catch you
cash money (to bribe the kids, see above)
That is so cool you should make some for Halloween
I know what im doing for my mom on christmas
this is awesome .. good job
thank you
This is amazing!
thank you

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