High Heel Cupcakes





Introduction: High Heel Cupcakes

Who doesn't love dainty, girl, fashion inspired party food? Here is a great way to make some fun fashion inspired cupcakes!

All you need for these babies are:
  • Cupcakes (any kind),
  • Graham Crackers,
  • Royal Icing for decorating,
  • Pirouette Cookies,
  • Melted Chocolate
  • Any garnishes (like sprinkles, gumballs, fondant bows etc) you want!

1. To get the Shoe Form, you cut a "U" shape into the top of cupcake mound. This gives illusion of the opening to the sole of the heel. You can even cut the mound into more of a "rainbow" shape to give it an open toe look! Let your inner designer SHINE!  :)

2. After you have the form of your shoe, use royal icing to decorate them. I did this without the cupcake liners on so they wouldn't get too messy!

3. Next, we decorated the Soles (the cut out graham crackers) with royal icing. After it dried, we added more detail for the sides of the shoes by piping chocolate.

4. Then we attached the heels to the soles, and then the soles to the cupcakes with chocolate.

5. At this point we did all the details like the buckles and "poofs" - all the fun stuff!

You can see more Pictures of these ADORABLE cupcakes & all the designs we came up with on my blog, We Lived Happily Ever After, Found Here!

Hope you try them out! They are SO fun!

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Love you all!
♥ Hannah



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These would be great for a girls night in party - awesome imagination you got yourself there :)

This must be the classiest cupcake I've seen! Fabulous!