High Power K'nex Sniper Rifle




Introduction: High Power K'nex Sniper Rifle

This is my first instructable so don't be mean in the comments. I got the trigger from I_Am_Canadian. Make sure to read all image notes.

Low piece count comparatively
Amazing rubberband to distance ratio
Slow reload

Step 1: Trigger

1: make the to peices
2: gather and/or make all of these peices
3: assemble you pieces in this fashion
4: hook your rubberband onto the the trigger mechinisam like that

Step 2: Barrel

1: make the pieces shown
2: make the piece shown
3: add whites to the rod
4: put the number 2 onto number 1 and snap the other number 1 on. (i recomend putting the number one onto the other number 1 peice by peice)

Step 3: Stock

1: build whats shown
2: keep building
3 & 4: keep building (different views of same step
5: not needed, looks nice

Step 4: Foregrip

Optional step
This is what the yellow piece on #2 is for.
1: where it connects
2: put whatever you want on a red rod, and block one end off

Step 5: Put It Together

USE LONG BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: Loading and Firing



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    10 Discussions

    Where's your gun with a really strong barrel, innovation and not overdone *looks, Oh it's only NAR mods

    That is all I have posted yet. I will post my super crossbow soon. within the next week at least. Stop jabbing, because as you said yourself, you have no idea who your messing with. I thought you were going to TRY to stop arguing, at least. Stop being impatient, that is the main problem. You build stuff in 5 minutes, then you post it, and of course, not many people think its any good because you haven't worked on it. I was working on that crossbow for just over a month.

    Are you always this rude to first timers, or are you just too cool for cats? Your arrogance astounds me.

    Sorry, so you want me to tell him its fantastic? If he reads it, then he should improve on what I told him.

    There IS a difference between constructive criticism and mouthing off to people you don't even know.

    that barrel looks like it would snap if you added more than one rubberband.