Step 7: The Rectifier:

The bike generates AC electricity. But your LED headlight requires DC. So to solve this problem a rectifier is used. It converts AC to DC current. Solder the four diodes and the capacitor as given in the circuit. And the rectifier is ready.
Isn't "Trident" some kind of chewing-gum company?
<p>Hi,</p><p>What is the resistor for the 1 watt led /thanks </p>
Excellent work bro. <br>i also wana make 1 headlight for my hero honda cbz . <br>can u plz guide me...i wana use 1w 3 led and 5mm led.. <br>plz guide me abt resistance which one 1 use for that <br> <br>thanks
Go on with your project and feel free to ask any questions!!! <br>
are those 1w led 's in the center? <br>
what is the view angle of those led's?
I want to make a configuration similar to this for extra lighting for my truck. I live in the US. I just need to figure out the resistors I need to use. <br>
Hi krstn1, you can use the LED Calculator app available online. Just type in google search LED Calculator, enter the details and it will give you a detailed schematic for your project. All the best !!!
you said; LED headlights are not DOT approved, so use it at your own risk. and I was wondering where you are from because I didnt know you cant use LEDs Awsome job by the way :)
I am from India, where the traffic are rules are not at all strict. But in the US, any lights installed on the exterior of a vehicle requires permission.
oh wow!<br>From where did you get the high power leds in india?
I got the High Power LEDs from Lamington Road, Mumbai.
ooh :(<br>How much did you pay for them?<br>I saw them on ebay but i think they might be fleecing me<br>Any place you know of in delhi?
a neater work could have been done if you designed a pcb
The instructable is Inovative
That's pretty cool!
Thank You, it would be great if you would try it out for yourself!!!! And PLEASE VOTE FOR MY INSTRUCTABLE

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