In this instructable the main focus lies on the software which I've created - not so much on the hardware side. You needn't to use a high- power led for this, you can use every RGB- LED you like.

The "High Power RGB LED Moodlamp" is a high power rgb led lamp which can be controlled via http commands with help of the cloud based microcontroller ElectricIMP and an Arduino Uno. It can be synchronized with existing Philips Hue bulbs, it shows the actual local weather or displays your actual Nike Fuel status. You can control it with the the iOS/ Android App "NetIO Controller"

I'm very impressed by all of these very detailed instructables you can find here, so please indulge me because this is my first instructable and I think I've forgotten to write down a lot which could be helpful to rebuild this project. Also the source code is not perfect, so if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me or write down a comment. My only intention to publish all the work is to make it better with the power of the community.

Thank you!


Step 1: Parts and Useful Links

What you need to realize it without a high power LED circuit:

  • (1) Arduino UNO
  • (1) ElectricIMP "SD"-card and a IMPShield or IMP- Breakout board (Sparkfun product page)
  • (1) breadboard for prototyping
  • (1) RGB- LED
  • (1/ optional) Philips Hue starter package

You also need a local webserver. For example a Raspberry Pi with Lighttpd- web server with php- support. You'll find more information here or with help of google: http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2013/06/how-to-setup-a-web-server-on-your-raspberry-pi/

You need the local webserver because Philips Hue isn't very secure to let it operate in the internet with portforwarding, there is no authentication mechanism.

As mentioned before, the focus lies on the software side, but in the next step you'll find a short description of the high power led circuit I've built...

Hello everyone, so check out my page, with a PIC 16F628A <br>http://micbric.free.fr/page21.html <br>Bye
Great project! Congratulations.
Thank you! I'm very impressed that so many people like my project.
which high powered RGB LED did you use? <br> <br>
I've used this high power RGB: http://www.barthelme.de/en/leddetail/66000910/impressum.aspx<br> <br> I don't know if you can buy it outside of Germany.<br> <br> But you can use any other LED, like this one: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/8718

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