Picture of High Power RGB mount
For an upcoming project, I needed to mount 9 high power RGB LEDs (3W each). I was a little concerned about heat buildup, but I didn't want to shell out for any fancy heatsinks. I could have bought some on eBay like these, but I decided to use copper pipe end caps - I always liked copper...

This will be a short little instructable showing you how I mounted my LEDs. Very simple process.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For each individual LED, you will need:
  • A high-power RGB LED ($10 for 10 on eBay)
    • (I used the 6 pin variety to give me more flexibility in circuit design).
  • An aluminum "star" heatsink ($7 for 20 on eBay)
  • A 1/2" copper pipe end cap. $0.69 each at my local hardware store
  • thermal compound ($1 on eBay)
  • electrical tape
  • *optional* contact cement or some other adhesive that can bond metal and plastic
  • *optional* high power LED lenses ($2.50 on eBay)
  • wire
For 10, my total cost was under $30. Be sure to leave plenty of time for items to arrive - you get what you pay for when you choose free shipping!
awesomelumens5 months ago

nice idea.Thanks