Picture of High Power Solar Day Lamp
Background:  This article is continuation of earlier article entitled “Simple Solar Day Lamp which lasts for 15 years” available at following link:

In the earlier article, construction of a small 5W day lamp was described. Here, how to make a high power solar day lamp is described. Apart from providing more light this design also offers following advantages:

1. 10% more light.
2. For increased power output, current still remains same as that for 5W version. Thus it still uses the same cheaper cable.
3. Improved construction, which provides better light reflection and safety to LEDs from damage.
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Step 1: Material required:

1. Aluminum U Channel
2. Wooden batten
3. Wood screws 0.5” long
4. Plastic or fiber washers 3 mm inner diameter
5. 23 White LEDs 1W rating
6. 3 Way terminal strip and mounting screw/nut.
7. Four Solar PV panels of 12V 5 W rating  (OR Two 24V 10W panels)
8. Wires

Please see the earlier article which provides step by step guidelines for making the LED array. Only different here is that we are making a bigger array with 23 LEDs.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram:

Picture of Circuit Diagram:
Circuit diagram of high power day lamp is shown in Fig. 1.

It consists of 23, 1W white LEDs (LED1 to LED23) connected in series. A current limiting resistor of 33 ohms 2W rating is connected to the LED array. Four solar PV panels of 12V 5W rating are connected in series as shown in the figure. The positive terminal of PV array is connected to the resistor and the negative terminal of the PV array is connected to the cathode of LED23.

Step 3:

Picture of
Alternatively, in place of 4 panels we can connect two PV panels of 24V 10W rating. The circuit diagram for this alternate design is shown in Fig. 2.

Step 4: Improved Construction

Picture of Improved Construction
As compared with the earlier design, slight improvement in the construction of LED array is suggested here. The LEDs are moved to the inner side of the aluminum channel as shown in the close up photograph in Fig. 3.
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