Me and my cousin have just made smallish sized spud guns. Just recently the cheapo ex- lighter ignitors just stoped working (Not designed for many pushes. We tried a lot of non grill ignitor or flint methods. As in NZ I can't find either of those. I found an ignition coil in the garage and though 'Why not?' But the sparks sucked. I hooked a camera flash to pump the coil and CRACK! massive thick spark. If you look through the pictures you will see how easy this actually was.

EDIT:- Added new photo detailing the circuit

Also if you are going to use this please wrap your gun in something (Duct Tape, Fibre Re-inforced Tape, Denim...) This spark could ignite a thicker mix than a grill ignitor and we dont want any explosions. Unless you have shedule 80 - 120 please dont get excited with the propellent.
-KungPow-5 years ago
 how do you make one with a lighter?

cant you make one with a battery and two wires?
If you had a capacitor hooked up to the battery then yes... if not... then no. Capacitors can kill you so be careful... Use a camera circuit like this slideshow told you to... the capacitor is very dangerous...
It's really not that simple, I'm afraid. A piezo igniter is made to ignite things with it's strong and short amount of electricity. Those batteries and wires you were talking about would just keep a low but long electricity flow and therefore you wouldn't even be able to ignite gasoline. That's why we use the piezos.
I have always used a camera flash for my spud gun :) Because it works. I have never tried anything else. I sometimes put a little bit of steel wool on the two screws to get a better spark, that works well too.
Chuck norrises beard is steel wool
SaNjA26595 years ago
Is there 250 volts powering 12 volt coil?!
gunguru946 years ago
i was wondering if u could just wire a grill igniter through the coil?
NIJU! gunguru946 years ago
sorry you dont even need the coil the lighter ignitors make a spark all by themselves
NIJU! gunguru946 years ago
yea you can use anything even crapy lighter igniters
kalapana6 years ago
what is that black box in the middle?
microman171 (author)  kalapana6 years ago
That would be the trigger switch
voltagedude6 years ago
on the diagram what is the blue thingy!!
microman171 (author)  voltagedude6 years ago
A car ignition coil
What part of new zealand are you from?
I am from napier :)
Killa-X6 years ago
I know this is a tad old but.... Just wanted to let you know.. a simple 555 circuit and a 12V battery would give you good power also :P I guess that way works too :D
Bando_Red6 years ago
Is that a full size tool box? This is a great idea and all,but I don't see how it's practical for spud guns compared to spud artillery or spud AA guns ect. Then again,practical has never been something I've been good at.
microman171 (author)  Bando_Red6 years ago
Nah, its the little one. About 20in long
microman171 (author) 7 years ago
Sorry guys, I couldnt upload the photo... Maybe I can put it here:
High Voltage Sparker Schematic.bmp
Beans7 years ago
hey this looks sweet i just made a spud gun but it needs a better igniter and this looks good but could u send me block diagram and a materials list ty
deejay19927 years ago
do u think you would be able to poat a better pic of the wiring diagram cheers
microman171 (author)  deejay19927 years ago
Sure! Do you perfer a block diagram or a real electrical shematic?
thanx block diagram will be fine me and mates made a marble cannon it was awesome but i almost blew my thumb off the other day planning on making an electronic ignition like yours
microman171 (author)  deejay19927 years ago
Ouch! I lost my eyebrow and eylashes with these thing... pnuematic for me any day! I'm emailing the block diagram soon
mattccc7 years ago
microman171 (author)  mattccc7 years ago
thanks :D. Make sure you use a new igniotion coil to get the best performance