High Powered Marshmallow Gun!!!


Introduction: High Powered Marshmallow Gun!!!

Shoots marshmallows 40 MPH. we ran out of marshmallows and used a piece of bread and put a big welt of my friends stomach!!! it was an accident!!! This is the final product, but i still need to finish priming it and gluing it all together. then paint it to add some flavor to it. Might add a few more things but i will post more pics when finished. I also included a video of it at bout half power maybe a little more. It has a clip that can take maybe up to 20 marshmallow at a time.
    click here for the video



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    nice gun, i am working on a gun that shots big marshmallows

    this is sooo cool!! when do you think youll get the instructions on how to build it up??

    That's fricken sick man. What are you using to shoot them out that fast? Can you share your plans?

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    just a lot of air compressed, i am working on the able for it, i hope it will be up soon