After a long wait, The instructable for this purse is finally here.

Step 1: Items Needed

Razor Blade, Hobby knife
Stiff card board / Corrugated Plastic (like signs are made from)
Min 2 full rolls of duct tape (Favorite colors)
at least 17" of 1" wide magnetic stripping
Omg! Store quality!
Oh, Where is the autoCAD drawing of the sides?
I love this. any chance you will be doing a video on this? (pleeeeeeeeassseeeeee)
very nice ty for shareing
Nice Project! Thanks for the how-to. Especially like your sense of humor to pose with the purse! Gutsy & funny!
LOL i would take credit for being in the photo but as you can see by my profile pics, it isn't me. But a co-worker who wanted to be "famous" on the internet. Thanks for the comment.

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