Picture of High Quality Duct Tape Purse
After a long wait, The instructable for this purse is finally here.

Step 1: Items Needed

Razor Blade, Hobby knife
Stiff card board / Corrugated Plastic (like signs are made from)
Min 2 full rolls of duct tape (Favorite colors)
at least 17" of 1" wide magnetic stripping
Omg! Store quality!
aje1273 years ago
Oh, Where is the autoCAD drawing of the sides?
aje1273 years ago
I love this. any chance you will be doing a video on this? (pleeeeeeeeassseeeeee)
darnold33 years ago
very nice ty for shareing
nanibly3 years ago
Nice Project! Thanks for the how-to. Especially like your sense of humor to pose with the purse! Gutsy & funny!
CODO69 (author)  nanibly3 years ago
LOL i would take credit for being in the photo but as you can see by my profile pics, it isn't me. But a co-worker who wanted to be "famous" on the internet. Thanks for the comment.