Step 2: Woven Tape Prep Work

1) If you have the option to, make some markings in pencil that are 20" apart. I used the edge of the table to make it easier to remove the tape.

2) Place the end of the tape at one marking and obviously cut a 20" piece using the other marking. Ideally the overall length of the project will be 18", but were making it 20" to have a little play room if you need to do some trimming. (Pic 1)

3) Flip the tape over glue side up. Fold it length wise approx 1/3 of the way. (Pic2)

4) Fold the tape over again. Now the over all width of the strip should be pretty close to .75". (Pic 3)

5) Repeat process for the 20" pieces until you have 6 (or 12 if you don't want to alternate colors yet) strips.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 again but now make the strips 9". (Pic 4-6)

*Note: The cover picture's design was made with all the 20" pieces (12) all one color and the 9" strips were the 2nd color. But in this instructable was made with every other strip alternating colors giving it a striped design instead of a checkered pattern.
<p>Do you have any alternate measurements/instructions available on the purse support/body CAD drawings? I don't have access to a printer (Mine died not long ago) but I still wanna try making this.</p>
<p>looks awesome.</p>
Oh but I'm hesitating to use 2 FULL rolls of duct tape... I treasure duct tape.?
Oh but I'm hesitating to use 2 FULL rolls of duct tape... I treasure duct tape.?
This is pretty cool! I'm looking forward to trying it! I really like the circle sides!?
Omg! Store quality!
Oh, Where is the autoCAD drawing of the sides?
I love this. any chance you will be doing a video on this? (pleeeeeeeeassseeeeee)
very nice ty for shareing
Nice Project! Thanks for the how-to. Especially like your sense of humor to pose with the purse! Gutsy &amp; funny!
LOL i would take credit for being in the photo but as you can see by my profile pics, it isn't me. But a co-worker who wanted to be &quot;famous&quot; on the internet. Thanks for the comment.

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