Step 3: Weaving Tape Strips

*Note: you will NEED LOTS of little strips of tape! They need to be less than  .75" (the width of the strips you just made). I cut off about .5" pieces from the end of the roll and then cut the tape in half so I have two 1" x .5" pieces.

1) First start with a 9" strip and place a 1" x .5"  on the end. (Pic1)

2) Grab your first 20" strip and place it perpendicular to the 9" and fold over the small piece of tape. Flip the strips over and tape your 2nd strip next to the 1st one. Make sure the following strip are alternating on either side of the 9" strip. Continue until you have all 12 strips lined up on the edge of the 9" strip. (do your best to keep the following strips at 90 degrees of each other) (Pic 2-4)
*note there will be about a .5" of tape left over on the end of the 9" strip. More play room for when you start weaving

3) Pull back every other strip and stick the next 9"strip in. Using the hundreds of 1" x .5" strips, tack each row of 9" strips to the previous row. Make sure to keep the weave as tight as you can without crushing for creasing the strips where they intersect. (Pic 6)

4) Continue until you have all  20" woven. (Pic 5 & 7)

5) Trim loose tag ends off flush with the last 20" strip and tape ends down with more 1" x .5" strips.

6) Trim loose tag ends off flush with the last 9" strip and tape ends down with more 1" x .5" strips.

7) place to the side for now, we'll finish this up later.

*Note: If all went well, you should have a straight edged 8.5" x 20"ish right angled woven mat.
Omg! Store quality!
Oh, Where is the autoCAD drawing of the sides?
I love this. any chance you will be doing a video on this? (pleeeeeeeeassseeeeee)
very nice ty for shareing
Nice Project! Thanks for the how-to. Especially like your sense of humor to pose with the purse! Gutsy & funny!
LOL i would take credit for being in the photo but as you can see by my profile pics, it isn't me. But a co-worker who wanted to be "famous" on the internet. Thanks for the comment.

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