Step 7: Assembly Part 2a: Woven Pockets

Just like the woven outer sheet, we'll be weaving pockets in the same manner.

1) We need to cut 8 strips at 8.75" long (For my design, these are the 6 white and 2 orange horizontal strips). (Pic 1)

2) Next we we need to cut 10 strips at 7" long (the black vertical strips). (Pic 1)

3) Fold the strips into thirds again like back in step 3 (the 36", 60" and 15.25" long strips)

4) Grab your 1st horizontal strips (orange). Fold it in half and note where the center mark is. In the over / under styling of the previous step, tack the 10 vertical strips (Black) to the 1st horizontal strip.

**Note: Keep in mind you need to keep the strips perpendicular  to each other.

5) Grab the next horizontal 8.75" strip. Keeping the ends lined up, weave the strips together tacking the new row to the previous row like in step 6 (Assembly Part 2a: Woven sheet)

6) Repeat step 5 until all 8 rows are woven together. (Pic 1)

7) Cut a strip of tape to go edge to edge from the 1st to last vertical strip. Lay the edge of the tape directly over the 1st row, sealing the woven strips together. Fold the rest of the tape over to the back side. Press firmly

8) With the finished pocket now looking like Pic 1 (colors varying on your pattern), flip the whole thing over. Cut strips long enough to go edge to edge from the 1st to last vertical strips.

9) Now overlay these cut strips over the back of the pocket covering all the tacks, each layer of these strips will overlap about .5". This will give it a clean and finished look, especially when you open the pocket. (Pic 2)

Set this woven pocket to the side for a few minutes, we'll get back to it shortly.

Next we'll be assembling two side pockets that we'll be attaching later.

10) You'll need to cut strips out at the following lengths: 6 horizontal strips 6" long and 7 vertical strips 5" long.

11) Repeat step 3 for all the strips you just cut.

12) This time when you fold the 1st row in half, note where the center mark is. This is where the center of the 7 vertical strips will be placed for proper spacing.

13) Repeat steps 5-9 until you have finished the side pocket.

14) Trim all the loose ends flush, make them the length of one for vertical row past the 1st and last vertical row. (Pic 3, pocket on the right)

15) Repeat steps 10-14 again to make a second pocket.  (Pic 3)

Set these 2 smaller pockets aside for now.
The models are ab fab!!!
lol! those pictures are hularious! XD
Wow! i'mquite impressed.So.how long did it take to make this?
Since this was my 1st one and took some planing and figuring out along the way, It was about 4 days (~24ish hours). But then again I was taking pics along the way and making sure I had enough to make this instructable. Right now I am making 2 more for someone and if I keep up at my pace, Ill be done in 2 days total for 1 tote. A lot faster now that I know how I want it put together :P.

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