I discovered the Duct Tape Wallets here at Instructables.com and decide to make my own design. If you want a high quality wallet, please consider in read this instructable. I have taked many pics to help you to try it out! Yet, forgive possible English language mistakes, because I am brazilian, ok?

Enjoy this instructable and please send me your apreciations or comments!

Step 1: Material List

- Paper cover of any book
- Duct Tape (sure)
- Scissors (or swiss army knife)
- Credit cards or any other plastic cards
- your checks book
<p>this keeps printing bad</p>
can you use ducttape sheets instead of the bookcover?
I'm too young to have a checking account, so i made this into a coin/receit pocket <br>
This is the best one I have seen. I found it hard to follow the instructions but only because I am old and stupid these days, but I love people like this, creative people, people who make things.......... and thank you for sharing. If you learn't how to sew you could make some really lovely ladies wallets out of material scraps using this pattern. Sadly leather is too expensive now. Mary
I bought enough upholstery leather scaps from eBaY for &pound;6 to make 5 of these wallets for x-mas
Brazilians are awesome, well except for this one I know
your welcome
Awesome dude! Havent seen this before! A nice instructable, this weekend im totally gonna try this one!
HAHAHA! THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT! THIS IS TRULY FUN TO MAKE AND YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME WITH A DUCT TAPE ROLL. yET, WHY NOT TO GET SOME INSPIRATION AT <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ducti.com/products.asp?cat=10">http://www.ducti.com/products.asp?cat=10</a> . TRY DO MAKE SOME LIKE THOSE! I HAVE DONE THE FOURTH OF THE FIRST ROW. <br/><br/>REGARDS!<br/><br/>CESAR<br/>
for the cover of the book, are you talking about a paper- back book?
I think he means the dust-cover.
NICE!&nbsp; a lot of these tutorials on wallets are not that good! they dont look good and have alot of useless stuff on them!<br /> good job!<br /> <br />
this is so cool<br /> <br />
Very nice indeed. Although I did not follow your steps exactly, I found your instructions very well written and wonderful to use as a template for mine. My first ever duct tape wallet came out quite nice, fits in my pocket perfectly, holds everything I need neatly, and is very low profile. 5 stars :)&nbsp;<br />
Its good to see Brazilian tutorials!!! <br />
Cool Instructable. *Tries to find a full roll of duct tape*
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
do you say that to every single wallet instructable? copy + paste?
nice and cool maybe a different coulour? i think yellow is best :)
Ficou muito bacana, estou unindo forças para fazer uma tbm. hehehe. Nice job.
Eaí cara! Curti a carteira! Só queria saber como chama a duct tape aqui no Brasil... Vc compra ai em SP mesmo ou pela internet? Valeu!
Cara, é só olhar para saber... Duct Tape é a famosa Silve Tape, que se compra em qualquer casa de surf ou construção. Abs!
Opa, valeu, nem tinha me tocado... Vou procurar amanhã! Fique com Deus!
What the hell are you sayin!?!?!!!!!!
I'm chating with a brother in Portuguese. I suggest you to know www.google.com/translate. Is that what we do when we want to know what other person is saying in a language we don't know. But to save your time, he ask me how we in Brazil call "Duct Tape" and I answer that is called "Silver Tape" and it is easy to find at surf or hardware stores. Do not forget that as myself, he is reading an article in a language that is not his native one, and I'm writing in a language that is not the mine too! Probably, that friend have troubles to read in English, so he decided to ask in Portuguese his questions. Cheers!
Ohh! Once again the Captian makes a stupid mistake. Oh well... Nice wallet by the way.
like xaiofdren said, nice and easy. What country are you from, I like your 50
Oh! Sorry! Now I understood what you mean! My BRL 50 money note! I don't know where is it now, maybe in a bank or another owner pocket, because I spent it... But don't worry, here we can find lots of those!!!! :)
its better then the us one. well more decorative anyway
Well... I prefer to have USD 50s in my pocket than BRL 50s, despite the artwork... ;)
mail me, buddy! cesarscavone (at) gmail (dot) com.
about what
just to keep contact... I have many non brazilian friends that I knew at Instructables... I like to make friends that speak English in order to improve my skills!
well, ok
I am from Brazil! I'm proud you "like my 50", even I don't know what it means! Cheers!
This is a nice and simple instructable, unlike some really long, complicated ones. Good job

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