Introduction: High Quality NaClO3 (Sodium Chlorate) From Household Bleach...

You'll need:

Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach (No Fragrances or Soaps)

Hot Plate or Other Heat Source (Should Have a Good Temperature Control...)

Filter (Preferably Not Paper)

Freezer (Or Some Other Cold Place)

Glass Boiling Apparatus

And Eye and Glove Protection...

Would also suggest that this be done Outside or in a fume-hood...

This is a method that I had developed seeing as no one else had came up with a way to get Sodium Chlorate from Bleach... Just typically the simpler Potassium Chlorate which needs Potassium Chloride...

I have been working on and perfecting this method for over a week now... I had spent 17 HOURS JUST EDITING THIS VIDEO ALONE... If you would be so kind as to Like or Subscribe to show your Appreciation, I would be very grateful...


RobertR299 made it!(author)2016-08-28

Saw it on youtube a while back. First time I have seen someone doing it with that method. However, the video seems to no longer exist. Any plans to re-upload it? Thanks, appreciate your hard work.

Johnstrombowly5 made it!(author)2015-09-01

what would happen if i were to use a scented bleach?

Battlespeed made it!(author)2014-04-02

...and you use this for what?

TrollFaceTheMan made it!(author)2014-04-02

Sugar Rockets for one, Smoke bombs... Flash Powders... Gun Powders... General Pyrotechnics... Making Chlorine Dioxide along with Chemical Oxygen Generation and use as a Herbicide...

To name a few...

joshr123 made it!(author)2014-03-31

that was awesome

TrollFaceTheMan made it!(author)2014-04-01

Glad you liked it.

Chikpeas+Brother made it!(author)2014-04-01

Cool video Trollface!

TrollFaceTheMan made it!(author)2014-04-01

Thanks, I appreciate it.