NOTE: you will need several large carpentry power tools for this project, so just to warn you, you will need: a thickness planer, a drill press, a band saw, chisels, knives, belt sanders and considerable carpentry knowledge


Alright, as I said before, these are not actually pics, but i did make them to my standards, which i hope is good enough for you guys


Also, on request of You, if you are making a model with too much space in beween the reciever and the top of the gun to allow the parts to protrude an effective amount to be used, what you have to do is cut out a notch for the parts. This is easiest to plan for when you are drawing the schematic on the lumber. Simply place the parts relative to where they will be placed, and sketch a window for them to move freely. I would Highly reccomend capping off the notch at the top to decrease the amount of stress on the amount of wood that is remaining. See my MP5K or HK416 for an example. (I personally use the top rail to complete the connection)

Step 1: Buy Lumber

Picture of Buy Lumber
First, go to home depot or rona or home hardware or anywhere you usually can buy lumber near you. you will want to buy either a 2x10 or a 2x12 in an eight foot length.
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DrWeird1176 years ago
1. Fictional 2. Fictional 3. MP5K 4. IMI Desert Eagle 5. AK-47 Kalashikov 6. CZ75B 6. Beretta 92 9mm. 7. XM8 8. XM8 9. M4A1 Carbine.
Wait a second. #1 is a USP!
correction: USP Match
actually, isnt the tenth one a k2?
yeah It doesnt really look like an M4a1, More of a K2.
I was dumb when I said that, but no, that gun looks more like an hk-416.
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  bounty10124 years ago
the final gun is. in fact, a Heckler & Koch 416.
2nd one is a deagle.
9= my favorite gun.
actually, the 2nd is a deagel also
Whoops, sorry, LOL
Where do you get the plastic pointy wheel and trigger stuff.
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  Ludwig Gunner4 years ago
I had to rip them out of guns I bought off of ebay.
flaresam7 years ago
Did you ever think of selling those? I have a couple of friends that suck at working with wood and would probably buy some of those! You could probably make a lot of money!
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  flaresam4 years ago
I sold mine all the time, often by request from my friends.
I used to get into a heap of trouble, since I insisted on selling them at school on school time (after they were painted, of course).
Spycrab5 years ago
But if you paint it pink, the police are less likely to get you ;)
http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://arms.web.infoseek.co.jp/gun%2520locker.htm&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://win.xrea.jp/link.html%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3Ddk4&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhiFpYtIxbuMwz-zg0I4D-heQepq0Q<br /><br />Japanese, translated version, but haha... there's your high qualities. <br /><br />http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://win.xrea.jp/link.html&ei=UiXMSsb4NJO8sgO3wNWaAQ&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://win.xrea.jp/link.html%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3Ddk4<br /><br />another link. you can get to see how much japan is into rb guns. go to the "links" part, and browse all the links. as you can see, you're not alone :D<br /><br />I just stumbled upon these. not affiliated.<br /><br />
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
Are the slides on your guns functional? If so, how do they work?
DrWeird1176 years ago
I just realized that the side notes were the names. LOL
I was gonna say, if you say the USP is fiction, I say blasphemy sir!
bounty10126 years ago
Lolz that would be funny, a pink Deagle.
theRIAA7 years ago
theres some pretty crazy RBGs out there if you know where to look:
a nice competition gun I think

pure insanity
yea i kno. the 2nd link is this Japanese guy who makes awesome rubberband guns.
the first link looks... modern
i've seen another japaneese/something site with glock-looking full auto ones. the rubber bands went on revolving square, trigger held square. never been able to find it again /:
gjvg6 years ago
can you shoot with this pistols?
Nice, I did the same thing with the Glock from CS 1.6 several months ago, although I didn't put as much detail as you did. nice work.
ojochris7 years ago
holy crap did U really Make those by hand?!
ultimachris7 years ago
how do you make the one with the slide?
Whaleman7 years ago
what if we made a wooden one (without boring out the inside or adding parts) then we made a mold and made a replica out of Bondo or something, and then used that one for the final gun?
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
yeah, that would work, although I have not experimented with many other materials, just some hard pvc for the parts. good luck- post your results. dave
I don't know whether I can do this though, my dad is not very supportive. And I have another question, How do you get a slide on the gun, on airsoft guns (I know they are different), the slide is always in two pieces, or flexible.
Whaleman7 years ago
Haha! I love the XM8
fireFEIND677 years ago
mamoo it shoots RUBBER BANDS
mamoo7 years ago
what does it shoot?
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  mamoo7 years ago
These shoot elastic bands, hence "RBGs" dave
Hey, Wow, those guns look excellent!! Where'd ya learn to do this? About a year ago I was looking into making a pistol with different random things. Like pipes, and metal fragments, then have a carved-out wooden handle. I was then going to paint it black, but never got around to building that. But wow, you're reallllly good at building those!! I especially love the HK416, that thing is awesome! :-D Thanks for showing these! ~Briana
HK.RBG.armorer (author)  White_Feathers7 years ago
Thanks- I really taught myself how to do these once I started highschool. I got all my knowledge from a construction tech class (shop), where we used the tools, and learned how to do scale measurements, I already knew how to do both of those, but I enhanced my knowledge there. dave
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