Step 3: External Reset and Trigger

Picture of External Reset and Trigger
You can now remove the circuit board from the film cartridge by unhooking a small spring on above the lens assembly.

On the first camera that I modified I had to manually reset the flash after each shot. I wired up and external switch to make it easier by following the traces on the circuit board and soldering in a switch. The second camera I modified automatically recharged the flash, so a switch wasn't necessary.

To trigger the flash, you connect the two irregularly shaped metal attachments on the side of the board where the alligator clips are shown. Once you've gutted the electronics of the camera it's fun to test it by putting a battery in and shorting the two metal peices with a screw driver or bit of wire, just be very careful of the high voltages involved.

After this picture was taken, I soldered permanent wires to the trigger