This instructible can be helpful to ppl that do little things, crafting, miniature modeling, or like me soldering )) this is just an idea of a miniature grinder that can be remodeled from a bigger fan and used for bigger grinding.

Step 1: Where Did This Idea Came From

Didnt want to put this in introduction, but here just gonna say a few words about it. Was helping my friend to replace a couple of fans on his pc, removed all of them and started blowing the dust of with air, accidently my blower nozle came to close and what do you know )) it hit the fin )) was a close call for not wearing any safety glasses, but at the end i was happy , coz now i have a little thing to modify )) so i came up with High Speed Mini Grinder )))
It depends what you have and what you use, most my power is from pc )) so if i would have used a diffrent pover suply it might have birned my motor, coz of amps, that fan has 0.09 A, if i had a power suply with one amp, it would work but not for long.
<p>Im sorry but this is incorrect. The Amps of your powersupply doesnt matter as long as its HIGHER than what youre driving(in this case 90mA). You can power it with a 120A car battery if you wish, the fan only draws the amount of current it needs. </p><p>I dont know about your PC, but my PSU in my PC have 5A per 12V rail. And by your logic, all fans in my PC wouldve stopped working long ago ;). Also, if you were to draw more current than available(like, youre powering your 90mA fan with only 80mA) you would blow the PSU(or a fuse in it) - but the fan would still work fine.</p><p>Now, higher VOLTAGE on the other hand, would kill the fan rather quick.</p><p>But if youre still scared - add a 0-1ohm 1/4w resistor to limit the amount of current the fan can draw.</p><p>Anyway, nifty idea. This would make diffusing LEDs a lot less painful, and less noisy. Its not very popular firing up the dremel in the middle of the night :P I think Im gonna build one of these :p</p>
Shouldn't really use abrasives on your soldering tip, unless its really pretty dead and you just want to salvage some use.
cool idea but cant work too well because you can put pressure without stopping it. but i guess a light touch would do the job for some stuff. <br> <br>nice job!
Any other possible power supplies??
But, grinding weel im gonna put on something more powerful, so it spins faster
I mostly like to use pc parts, that way i can connect everything to my Mod box, which powers from an old pc power suply
Common man :D, why you dont use just a Dc Motor??
Correction, just noticed my own mistake, this is more of a filer then a grinder )) funny, but i was soooo into making a grinder )) now i have to make a grinder, real one , out of this.....

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Bio: will update this as i will have more time ) and my first instructable coming up , so stay tuned whoever visits ;)
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