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High tech study tips for math students.



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    Hey VMT, what do think of Octave (http://octave.sourceforge.net/) as a tool for learning/teaching high school level math?

    Like other math junkies, I got hooked on MATLAB in college. Later I discovered Octave, a free open source clone of MATLAB, and now I try to sort of evangelize and convert others to become followers of the cult of Octave.

    Example of using Octave to solve or create arbitrary quadratic equations:
    (See reply labeled "best answer")

    Screenshot of Octave, using factor() and gcd() to reduce 3125/1000 to 25/8:

    The screenshot is the 2nd picture from Step 3 of my award winning instructable on converting decimal numbers to fractions:
    (BTW, this link is a shameless plug for one of my own instructables. The award I won was a free t-shirt.)