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    Where on your website?

    Please provide a link.

    Let see what fun I can gleen from this...

    "The toxicity is actually of little concern."

    Media hype aside, the established body of medical and scientific research on these compounds does not support your statement.




    It's your body; treat it how you will, but I urge you to please be careful about spreading misinformation such as the statement above.

    Again, there are reasons that these oils have been banned since the 70's

    wiki is not a reliable source bro.

    wiki is the right source if it has the answer you are looking for, if you don't like or agree with there's,, there is alway "brittanica" or what ever agrees with you

    From Wikipedia: "Studies in workers exposed to PCBs have shown changes in blood and urine that may indicate liver damage. In Japan in 1968, 280 kg of PCB-contaminated rice bran oil was used as chicken feed, resulting in a mass poisoning, known as Yushō disease, in over 14,000 people. Common symptoms included dermal and ocular lesions, irregular menstrual cycles and lowered immune responses.Other symptoms included fatigue, headaches, coughs, and unusual skin sores. Additionally, in children, there were reports of poor cognitive development."

    Yes, a simple task like "pulling a transformer out of a PCB filled x-ray head" probably wont kill you. But what you are not understanding is that there is a probability that it will cause damage such that if x amount of people perform the same task y amount will develop a health concern, some of which might be life threatening.

    And to say something like mineral oil is also a carcinogen is petty. It is a matter of degrees. You can burn you hand with a match but you can do a lot worse with an acetylene torch.

    You are not using these materials responsibly and as you're the one disseminating this information it is incumbent upon you to address health concerns and to not offhandedly dismiss knowledgeable people like cablemonkey who are trying to help you.