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This is my first "ible" so any constructive comments and advice would be helpful. Now for the project.

A lifter is a small device that is suspended midair through the use of ion wind. Ion wind is something I'm assuming you know at least a little bit about, due to the fact that your into HV projects (or you probably wouldn't be here) . But if not, here is an explanation on lifters and how they work. These are very easy and relatively cheap to make.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Here's what you'll need:
- Tape
- Ruler
- String
- X-acto knife etc.
- Scissors
- Super glue
- Aluminum foil
- Balsa wood
- 0.2mm enameled (magnet) wire
- Some spare time
- A HV power source
- (optional) 8mm heat shrink tube
- (optional) cutting mat

How do I get an "HV power source" without being an electrical engineer and having a lot of money and time?

Hi FrenchDavid50

You can build it very easily from parts which you will find around the house,

just follow:http: //isparktube.com/zvs-drivers

for step by step instruction on how to build High Voltage power supply.

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What song is being played in the video for the ionocraft
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