My name is Marc i'm fifthteen and i'm a French student.

today i'm going to show you step by step my construction of this high voltage power supply

by the way sorry for my bad English

Step 1: This Is a Valve or Vacuum Tube

I use it for many applycations

but i use this for generating x rays and convert AC to DC

Step 2: The Coil

we use a coil to incrase the frequency of the flyback output this coil provide to a old fluorecent tube multipier

Step 3: The Flybacks

i use two flybacks one with six turns on primary and one with eleven turns on pimary core

with six turns you have some high current arcs like MOT (microwave oven transformer)

and with eleven turns you have nice blue electric arcs like NST (neon sign transformer)

Step 4: The Ballast

We need power so I use a ballast

this can prduce high current output to 12V 60VA with high frequency

power in 220V or 120V AC

power out 11.6V or 12.3V

Step 5: LET'S GO !!!

Before we get started

don't forget SAFETY !

add a switch on the output of the ballast this is important to be safe

<p>so you use the tube as a crude recrivier<br><br>okey i need to clear a few things up<br>This tube is not a rectivier and is not used to generate xrays<br>it is a beam power amplyfier that is used to drive flybacks<br>if you use it to drive a flyback your arc goes from what you have to around 10 cm<br>also if you want to generate x-rays take a PD500 and hook it up to 25kv+<br>then you have a crude x-ray source</p>
<p>ok thanks </p><p>i have a bt95 and i generate now x rays XD</p>
a Tyratron cannot be used for xray generation<br>you need a vacuum diode (pd510 or something like that)<br>a tube with no gas in it most Tyratrons are filled with argon or merqury<br>
<p>Interesting. I have a bunch of old vacuum tubes that I inherited from my father in law. I might have to try this. </p>

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