Some of you are asking me to post an instructable about how to make an high voltage power supply to power the Marx Generator on this instructable.
Well, here is the instructable you have been waiting for!

The device we are going to use to make a power supply for the Marx Generator is called Cockroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier, now that is a lot of words, so what most other people call it is what we are going to call it, the Voltage Multiplier.

This one is a different design from the one I used for my Marx Generator, I was going to post the other design, however, it was quite difficult to build, so I came up with this new design.

The new design has more advantaged over the old design, I will explain them:
  • Easy to build
  • More efficient
However, the new design has one disadvantage, it requires mains electricity, but that is not very much a problem, we can just add fuse (and safety resistors if you want). At least it is easier to build!

Disclaimer: This project is very dangerous to operate, it generates high voltages (6000 volts). Please do not attempt to build this voltage multiplier unless you are familiar with high voltage. I am NOT responsible what ever happens to you and others with this voltage multiplier.

Step 1: Get the things!!

Depending where you live, get the things that will be suitable to your mains power..

If your country uses 110v or 120v, get the things as listed:
  • 34 1N4007 diodes
  • 34 100nF film 200v (or greater) capacitors
  • 100mA fuse

If your country uses 220v or 240v, get the things as listed:
  • 18 1N4007 diodes
  • 18 100nF film 400v (or greater) capacitors
  • 100mA fuse

The X2 capacitors will also work well, that is what I used for this voltage multiplier.

I got the diodes and the fuse from Farnell. I got the capacitors from Maplin, however, the capacitors are no longer stocked at Maplin, But you can still get it from Farnell. Here is a list of things you will need to get if you are going to buy the components from Farnell.
1N4007 diodes
100nF film 400v capacitor
100nF film 200v capacitor
100mA fuse

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