Picture of High end greenhouse, 100 % recycled materials

My 2nd greenhouse, with hardwood windows, all double glazing!!

I have an L- shape 450 m2 garden in an allotment (community garden complex), with my 20 m2 greenhouse, built 2 yrs ago http://www.instructables.com/id/5-x-4-m-greenhouse/ on it, there was also a small old existing greenhouse.

This is a rebuild from scratch.

Costs: ca. E 300.-

Building time: several months on weekends and holidays, finishing always takes more time (garden tasks get priority in tyhe growing season!

Step 1: History

Picture of History

A small, old greenhouse used to be on my lot , but I have never used it: The former occupants, a very nice, very old couple, who used to lease this section of my lot, gave it up 2 years ago. They have worked this lot for 45 years. Their other, remaining lot did not have a greenhouse, so I let them use their old, self built one, for as long as they wanted.

Unfortunately, due to illness, the couple has now terminated their lease contract .

The greenhouse might have lasted another 5+ years, but it is way to low for me. The former, Indonesian builder,  is 60 cm (2 ft) less tall than I am.  I could have maintained it; make it last some more years.... But: since I sourced lots of quality windows, mostly hardwood, all double glazed(!), the decision was made to take it down and rebuild from scratch....

stofke2 years ago
he mentioned Holland which is the Netherlands
BobS (author) 3 years ago
Even in these hard times, mostly small companies doing restoring work on houses often take older, but nice windows out. It can never hurt to ask, even when a small price has to be paid. Usually, a crate of beer works miracles!
Bob you totally rock. Great greenhouse! I haven't checked out the instructions yet but I have every intention of making my fiancee get right on that ;).
nice job / im impressed
guruvar3 years ago
I think you mean a renovation site or a wrecking site, construction usually implies new windows, and I doubt they would part with them. tee hee
mbeaulieu3 years ago
You have no idea how cool this is. It is awesome... the design is beautiful and chaotic!! I want to build one so bad!
pokster3 years ago
he just saw this project of yours, have to say that is really cool and i'm really impressed that you managed to recycle all your materials. by the way im just wondering are you based in Ireland?
1inspirit3 years ago
This is the best looking greenhouse I've seen! Nice work. Love your re-use of materials.
BobS (author) 4 years ago
Making this instructable I noticed textboxes moving all over my pictures everytime I open a step.
Anyone else has this problem?
DIY Dave4 years ago
Looks great. I wish I could find that much material to salvage.
Oh, this is gorgeous. Great reuses all over the place, too. Very creative. :D
Great find and beautiful construction! Hopefully your instructable will be accepted into the Green contest soon so I can vote for you. :)
brilliant re-purposing. Now i need to find a construction site willing to part with a bunch of windows.