Picture of High quality Duct Tape wallet **UPDATED**
With a little time and patients, You too can make a quality duct tape wallet that's sure to impress.

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Step 1: Required materials

Picture of Required materials
1) Favorite color roll of duct tape.
2) Quality scissors.
3) Ruler.
4) Knife or equivalent.
5) Packaging tape.
6) paper (optional)
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BrendonR13 months ago

i used a pespi bottle. It is stong

BrendonR13 months ago
Omegawolf42 made it!3 months ago

Bad photo, but an awesome wallet ^-^ My roll of duct tape ran out so its mostly held together with packaging tape but still awesome none the less

I FINALLAY FINISHED after 4 hours.....I love you for this instruction, not hard at all and my wallet came out awesome. I had to use scotch tape for the id however (didn't have any packaging tape) ^_^

how much duct tape would you say you ended up using?

CODO69 (author)  millenialinmotion8 months ago

If I recall correctly it takes approximately 20-25 yards of tape to make this wallet.

You could use a plastic sandwich bag.
Put your ID card in the sandwich bag to the bottom corner of one side, then trace it with some extra space(For the tape to hold it).
Now, cut inside the lines you drew, and use that instead :)
CODO69 (author)  farmerboyk3 years ago
sure but then that defeats the prupose of making a wallet out of tape ;)
I mean for the little window pocket thing.
Oh, oh I see XD
love the animal skin.i'm going to attempt to do a coral snake skin pattern
CODO69 (author)  xxbandxaidxx5 years ago
Wow that looks amazing! congrats and enjoy

Best wallet ever! Made it for my brother for christmas.

SuperAznChick made it!1 year ago

I LOVE these instructions so much - I've made two wallets so far, and edited the procedures a little bit on the second one to accommodate two colors. Can't wait to make even more once I get my hands on some more designer tape :D thanks so much for this awesome design!!!

OffBeatSocker made it!1 year ago

I made one, I ended up wasting one entire role because my two card pockets probably took up half of my roll. I ended up not having enough right when I needed one more strip of tape to tape on the ID/Coin Pouch. How much tape did you use?

Photo on 2014-07-19 at 23.38.jpg
CODO69 (author)  OffBeatSocker1 year ago

It depends on what size rolls of tape you're using. I always had the large (like 100 yard length) rolls. If I recall correctly, it only takes about 20-25 yards of tape... lol it's been a while.

coolercool1 year ago

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spacecat022 years ago
RiverSong2 years ago
I'll take the crab juice!
isaacl212 years ago
How much are u selling them for
Cervantes2 years ago
Well, just made my first one..I think I need a better ruler or eyes or something..Will keep on making till they look as good as the one in the pic.
Schmidty162 years ago
is yours think mine is is there a way to make it less thick
Please make a video of all the steps!!! I don't eve understand step 2
whew finally finished my own. I dunno what kinda duct tape was used here... but the one I used seems to make the wallet pretty thick hehe... feels very durable, I likey :D Addin this to favorites
kattah6 years ago
This step is really confusing to me. I've done fine so far, but this just has me really confused. Especially steps 8 to 11. Also, I replaced packaging tape with a clear photo protecting sheet. This could be adding to my confusion, but I just don't know what's what.
yea this step also confused me... i just did what I thought was right... made it look like the picture. It's essentially this, cut a long piece of tape and put it on one side of the "inner", non-window portion and leave the sticky side hanging off the side. Then just tape seal the other two sides. The piece that's hanging off will go onto the coin portion for the next step.
tdishner3 years ago
I don't get this part. I really want this wallet. Can you post a video or sometning to help me, because I am confused?
Lets hope I have enough for this whole project.
Wow this is awsome! I really like the clear wallet, in fact I think I will make one now.
simlerdood3 years ago
I really don't understand what you did here so I went ahead and completed the wallet by myself. Try explaining a little better in the future.
danroy993 years ago
I'm just wondering... what's the point of that flap on the coin pouch?
Doganie3 years ago
I love this instructable, I think this might be the first one I have ever actually used!

So I made a regular duct tape one, but couldn't do the coin pouch because I ran out of tape :(

So I made another one! This one completely out of packaging tape :D I feel like it's kind of counter-productive to have a clear wallet, but I don't really care, it looks cool.
zombie12124 years ago
Sick wallet, and wat type of duct tape do u use
@cullen: How do you make the bi-fold? what is different? i dont really need the card places on both sides, and i wouldnt mind it being smaller ^^ what should the dimensions be of the first sheet and did you need to make the ID pocket or the card holder smaller?
Sorry for the late reply, but the beginning sheet is 6.75 inches in width and 8 inches in length, I think. The ID holder is not different but you can't add change pouch. The ID holder is the right height but the card holders you can only hold 2 cards instead of 3. But the overall design is the same just less of it.
I was doing pretty good until step 4 (#12-16) it is sooooo confusing. i have no idea how it measured 4.25 at the end????????
CODO69 (author)  sideshowjacki5 years ago
check out the new video on step 4.
thinkle6 years ago
i made the four squares and now i am REALLY confused do u tape the squares together? what do u do?!
CODO69 (author)  thinkle6 years ago
I've added several new pictures. hopefully this will better illustrate what i meant.
thinkle CODO696 years ago
sorry but i still cant quite get it.... whats the yellow? whats the gray? im sorry for the tublr ;_' i rlly like the wallet so i rlly wanna make it
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