High quality Duct Tape wallet **UPDATED**


Step 4: Card Holders

Picture of Card Holders
Hope it helps for all those who were having a little difficulty with my wording below.

1) Measure out 4 strips of tape measuring 3.75" long.

2) As in the money pouch portion, line up the edges and stick the 1st two pieces of tape together approx.. half way (Pic 1)

3) Fold over the tape that is glue side up. (Pic 2)

4) Using your ruler, make the length of the tape sheet exactly 2.75". Apply the 4th piece of tape and fold over the exposed edge. (Pic 3).

5) Repeat this step 2 more times.

6) Repeat steps 1-4 once more, but instead make the length of the 4 tape strips 3.5".

7) Just like with the money pouch, score the edge of the sheets to make a flush edge.

8) Cut along the scored edges.

9) With your ruler, measure the 3 sheets of equal size to 3 3/8", score and cut. The one sheet that was 3.5" long, measure and cut to 3" even.

10) Cut 4 strips of tape measuring 2.75". Place one piece over an end of each tape sheet.

11) Cut 4 more pieces of tape at 2.75" long. (these next 4 pieces will be used to assemble the sheets together.

12) Lay a piece of tape across the bottom of one of the sheets (3 3/8") and fold the tape back so the glue side is facing up. (Pic 5-6) I used an old credit card as a spacer so the tape folds back neatly (the yellow paper over it was to cover up and numbers on the credit cards)

13) Stick the second sheet (3 3/8") on top the first off set by 3/8". (Pic 7)

14) repeat step 13 with 3rd sheet of 3 3/8" and the 4th sheet measuring 3". The 3" sheet will be flush on the bottom edge of the "packet". (Pic 8-13)

15) Cut a piece of tape 2.75" and place it at the bottom edge of the stack and fold it around to the back. (Pic 15-16)

16) If done properly the whole thing will measure 4.25" long (Pic 17)

17) Now to tape the edges closed. Cut 2 strips of tape 4.25". I use thin strips of paper approx. .5" wide and 4.25" long on these 2 pieces of tape (Pic 18). They are offset approx. .5" from the edges. The paper is used to keep any glue from the tape from sticking to your cards.

18) Lay the tape across the front of the "packet" making sure the paper partially overlays the front side. Flip the packet over and it should look like Pic 19. With your knife, make a slice at the thickest part of the packet. The slice will help keep the tape from wrinkling when you fold it over.

19) Fold the tape over keeping it as snug as possible (try not to wrinkle the tape) And repeat on other side with 2nd piece of tape. When done, Your card holder should look like Pic 20-21.

20) Flip the packet over and cut through the tape on the front side so each individual pocket can open fully (Pic 22).

21) Repeat steps 1-19 to make a second pouch. Set 2 pouches aside. (Pic 23)
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jaketb4 years ago
 some of these steps are confusing u should clear them up and if u can put a video on  it would be less confusing

Drogean5 years ago
ok figrued it out Corrections: 4) Using your ruler, make the WIDTH of the tape sheet exactly 2.75" after applying the 4th piece and folding it over. The length should stay 3.75" 5) Repeat Steps 1-4 again so you make 2 more tape-rectangles. 6) Repeat steps 1-4 once more, but this time the length of each strip should measure 3.5". This will make another, shorter box. The Width will still be 2.75" 7) Skip this 8) Skip this 9) With your ruler, measure the 3 sheets of equal size to 3 3/8" length, keeping the 2.75 width, score and cut. The one sheet that was 3.5" long, measure and cut to 3" in length even. 10) Cut 4 strips of tape measuring 2.75" long each. Place one piece over an end of each tape sheet. This will be to seal the edges basically and look nice. Hope this helps.
I don't think people were having issues with this section... I'm having difficulty starting with #12. but thanks for clarifying! Any help with #'s 12-21??
Never mind. I get it! I'm think that for #12, you are supposed to put a piece of tape 2.75 inches long on the other end of the sheet (the end opposite of the one you already should have covered with tape). You only put half the tape on the bottom and rather than folding it over onto the other side, you fold it back so the tape faces up... If you understand this, then the rest should make sense. :)
bero24 years ago

i love the wallet itself but i lost it on step 4...

I was doing pretty good until step 4 (#12-16) it is sooooo confusing. i have no idea how it measured 4.25 at the end????????
sadiehdz5 years ago
that's some good stuff! it's just a little too confusing. I kinda went off and made my own. lol
imabeast5 years ago
hey man those steps are really confusing
thinkle5 years ago
i made the four squares and now i am REALLY confused do u tape the squares together? what do u do?!

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