Picture of High voltage ignition coil supply
In this Instructable I will teach you how to build a High voltage power supply using an Ignition Coil.This project uses a 555 timer based circuit.We use a 555 IC because an ignition coil needs a squire wave signal to power it. so basically the 555 timer is making pulsed DC electricity which powers the ignition coil.
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Step 1: Danger High Voltage!!!

Picture of Danger High Voltage!!!
This project shows how to make a High voltage power supply which produces about 30 or more MA, which is enough to Kill you! so Don't try this if you are not experienced with high voltage!

Step 2: Getting an ignition coil

Picture of Getting an ignition coil
The first thing you need to do is to get an ignition coil,I got mine from a friend who's dad works on cars,but you can buy a new one for like $30, Or you can get one from the junkyard for about $5.The reason we use an ignition coil is because ignition coils are what power the spark plugs with high voltage. so instead of hooking it to a spark plug you can use it as a high voltage supply.

here is a pic of the two ignition coils I got.

Step 3: The driver circuit scematic

Picture of The driver circuit scematic
This is the driver circuit that powers the ignition coil .
part list:

two 10k ohm potentiometers
two 1k ohm resistors
one 555 timer IC
one 8-dip IC socket
one 100 ohm resistor
one .1uf 12v capacitor
one 2n3055 power transistor and heatsink
12v 6amp DC power supply

Step 4: Gather all your componments...

There are a few components that are missing from this image because I ordered them and they are not here yet.

Step 5: Solder all your components

Picture of Solder all your components
now you need to solder all your components using the schematic.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of finished!
now your finished! now just turn on the supply and adjust the frequency using the potentiometer until you get a good arc! you can use this to: power a Tesla coil, power a Jacobs ladder, and much much more!