Highlight Your Hair Naturally




Introduction: Highlight Your Hair Naturally

Let’s face it, getting our hair done gets expensive and those chemicals aren’t the best for us either! I have tried this before and it worked so well for me! Here is a simple and effective way to highlight your hair naturally:

Combine 1 cup distilled water with 15 drops Citrus Fresh (a blend of orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and spearmint essential oils) in a spray bottle. Shake before each use. Just spray it throughout your hair when you are spending time out in the sun to naturally lighten your hair!

Notes – For darker hair, if you apply too much at once you may end up with brassy tones.

Use a glass spray bottle because citrus oils can eat away at plastic (they are simply doing their job by trying to get rid of the chemicals).



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