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Introduction: Highlighter Pipe

Want an easy, convenient, and portable way to smoke pipe tobacco? You can make yourself a very nice tobacco pipe and container in about 20 minuets. All you need is a few household items. This method only works with the button-cap highlighters.

Step 1: The Materials

Here are the few item that you need to make the pipe:

1. Button-top Highlighter
2. A Knife. (or Multi-Tool as pictured)
3. Something long and skinny. (5mm Hex)
4. Aluminum Foil
5. Electrical Tape (Making tape for instructional purposes) (optional)

Step 2: Removing the Guts

After you have your supplies, you need to start by removing the guts of the highlighter. All you have to do is take off the cap, and pull out the felt tip. The tip should not be difficult to pull out.

Now, there are still more guts in there. You just have to get them out. I found that the best way is to just poke them out the bottom. It's the easiest way. Go outside or over a sink and use some force to push the guts and bottom plug. Ink may or may not go everywhere. Be sure to wash your casing with light soap and water.

Step 3: Making the Bowl Pt.1

Now that your left with just your highlighter casing, you need to start making your bowl.

The first thing you want to do is to align where you want to place your bowl, or your cap. I put mine as low as possible to avoid facial injuries when smoking. As a rule of thumb, I place the bottom cap next to the highlighter casing where it will sit when placed in the casing. Place the top cap next to the bottom cap. Align the button on the top cap to the end of the bottom cap.

Now, take your knife and ream a hole in the highlighter casing where you aligned it. You want to create the smallest hole possible for the button of the top cap to fit into so the pipe is air tight. Cut the excess plastic off of the edge of the hole in the casing.

Now that you have your hole in the casing, you want to make the bowl out of the cap. Take your knife and gently and carefully cut the top off of the button on the cap. You need to cut about 2mm off to get a good hole in the cap.

Step 4: Completion

Your Highlighter Pipe is now complete. Just line the cap / bowl with some aluminum foil, insert tobacco, and smoke. The bottom plug can remain out for a carburetor/steamroller effect, or you can leave it in the bottom for a classic style.

Now, your hollow casing can carry stuff too!! Put in some spare foil, tobacco and even some lighters. I generally put electrical tape over the hole in the casing to add some camouflage.

Sit back and enjoy smoking your hand made pipe. Remember, I do not promote the use of controlled substances. My pipes are used for tobacco uses only. This is not a bowl. This is not a bong. Also, heating aluminum and inhaling is damaging to your lungs. Please do this at your own risk.



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    It is definitely cool for a quick hit when im bored kind of thing. If you wanna take it farther the "guts" wash them theyll turn white when clean soak them in desired flavor or smell and put back in use a socket in the end of the highlighter no holes necessary. I use peppermint extract mixed with about 6oz of water. it smells like youve been chewing gum not smoking haha

    hahaha this is kinda clever

    just get wood a kinfe a drill and time and ur good no rush just chill carve light a stick of incense and chill*

    *dont carve a weed pipe no... i can read ur mind ur gonna carve one dont... no... no... hay its a tobacco pipe

    1 reply

    carve all the wood pipes you want, just put a metal bowl in it, wood smoke is a bad thing.

    Well, this works, and props for the design that went into this, but my hands down rule of thumb for making smoking devices is: no heated plastic, and no foils whatsoever! if you want to make this better, go get a socket from a socket wrench that fits in the highlighter cap. Sand out the inside of the socket first. That will make a bowl that won't make dangerous gasses and will hold most of the heat, instead of transferring it to the plastic.

    To all people saying that smoking out of aluminum foil is unhealthy, there is no scientific proof that it cause any kind of medical issue. But the plastic... yeah that will seriously mess you up. You should try making a homemade wooden piece

    sick as hell works great

    hey so after using this three or four times at what point did your urine turn grey and bloody? there is a huge debate over whether aluminum is bad to smoke out of and it actually can release chemicals on the shiny side of it if heat is applied there and it ruins the taste of your "tobbaco" so please lets leave the aluminum to the crack smokers and heroine fumers please

    burning foil and plastic, terrible for you. works great in a pinch, but for regular use your bare minimum should be glass.

    1 reply

    Bare minimum? What would be the maximum; fourth dimensional obsidian?

    Instead of using the cap and foil, which will most likely melt the cap sooner or later, use a small socket with a filter in it. works alot better.

    You're going to melt the plastic and it'll be horrible. Maybe not immediately, but at some point. You want a metal / wood / glass / ceramic bowl to support the foil-screen. And it's a waste of time adding the word "tobacco" to what obviously isn't, "herbal mixture" is more appropriate. L

    1 reply

    And Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica would be even more appropriate. Unless your smoking crack, hahaha.

    Like I said, it is very unhealthy smoking out of aluminum foil. With the right technique of applying the foil, the plastic will never melt.

    2 replies

    its fine to smoke outta aluminium foil, but tin foil will give u alzheimers

    Tin foil has been out of production for over 20 years. 0_0

    I'm pretty sure you don't smoke crack.

    I made mine!!! I even added a filter, if you can see it... Tobacco only!! :)