Picture of Hiking First Aid Kit
One of the most import piece of equipment when enjoying the outdoors is a first aid kit. This instructable shows you the first aid kit I carry, the things in it and what there used for.
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Step 1: First Aid Bag

Picture of First Aid Bag
The first aid bag should be strong and waterproof and have enough room to carry the first aid supplies you will need.

Step 2: Inside The First Aid Kit

Picture of Inside The First Aid Kit
First aid kit contents:
  • Alcohol prep pads, used for sterilising and cleaning the infected area.
  • Triangular sling, used for suspending an injured arm.
  • Gauze pad, to cover a wound.
  • Assorted range of different size plasters, used to protect the injured area from infection.
  • Eye pad, cushions the eye when injured.
  • Small first aid guide, used as a knowledge guide.
  • Pen knife, used for cutting bandages, plasters, tape, etc.
  • Painkillers, used to treat the effect of injuries.
  • Adhesive bandage, used on small cuts and scratches.
  • Elastic bandage, used to protect and stabile injured areas.
  • Medical tape, used to make stitches or taping bandages in place.
Did you make this?
jkdabrown (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
It is a mixture between a bought first aid kit and things I have added.