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Here in the UK it's been a great summer and I thought it would be good to relax at the end of the day in a nice hot tub. Trouble is they are quite expensive to buy and run and you need power and chemicals and really how many times would you use one. So I decided to build a low cost hot tub which can be run off grid and can be used quick and cheaply to have some fun. 

Step 1: Materials

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Knodd 40L bin with lid from your favourite Swedish bin emporium. £15 25 m 10mm micro bore central heating pipe from any plumbers merchants. £ 40 Kids paddling pool - I got a 1.9 m pool from Argos at the end of the season for £30 Aquarium 8mm tubing for pumping the water round your coil. 12v pond or bilge pump to circulate water. 12v power source - a car battery is ideal .
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waggy1011 year ago
I mean i know that my money value is 2• what yours is but it would make it easyer
waggy1011 year ago
Nice but, could you convert in ( ) american money value?
Try a homemade it reflector above the tub. line the underside of a garden parasol etc with reflective aluminized snack packets, Dorreetos are among the best. They are much more durable than space blankets. It DOESN'T need to be in contact. I promise you will be amazed. john
stonky1 year ago
Great idea many thanks
Love photo of the coiling process and your little dog looking at the camera. Too cute :^ D
richiemcb (author)  bginlalaland1 year ago
Thanks - she loves photo-bombing :-)
Ole bally2 years ago
Great Idea, now for a 'mod'! If you were to cut out most of the bottom of the bin, leaving say a 1" rim inside, you could put a stout mesh inside. Put the bin on a coupla bricks. Then as your fire fuel burnt to ash, the ash'd fall out the bottom making yr unit self cleaning!
Ole bally2 years ago
great idea! Now a little 'mod' for you! If you cut the bottom out of the bin and put some stout mesh in there, you can stand yr bin on a coupla bricks and as the fire burns, the ash'll fall out the bottom...making it self cleaning!
this is a awesome. we were without electricity for 10 days year before last and my husband and I took ice cold showers. gonna make one of these for emergencies as well!
this is a awesome. we were without electricity for 10 days year before last and my husband and I took ice cold showers. gonna make one of these for emergencies as well!
richiemcb (author) 2 years ago
In the UK we sometimes like the off grid Hillbilly lifestyle :-) - but the heating coil is the same design as a Hillbilly Moonshine still.
you have hillbillies in yhe UK?
snotty2 years ago
J-Five2 years ago
“Y’All Come Back Now, Ya Hear?”
rhathaway2 years ago
Cool idea and I too love innis and gunn my personal favorite is the rum cask.
richiemcb (author)  rhathaway2 years ago
Thanks ! Nothing better than the rum cask - very smooth and just right for soaking your cares away :-)
Kiteman2 years ago
You could use this on any pond or paddling pool, maybe even stoke a small fire to stop a fish-pond freezing in winter.
richiemcb (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Yes - good idea for fish ponds - just need some wood and a battery to get going.
Kevanesoso2 years ago
Great work! very helpful idea!
richiemcb (author)  Kevanesoso2 years ago
Thanks - it is a great fun project you can do very easily.
richiemcb (author) 2 years ago
Been using it for a year now with no problems - just have a beer handy to cool everything down :-)
ilpug2 years ago
Seems like it could get a bit too hot and the rubber could come apart, but pretty dang fun looking man!