Introduction: Hillbilly Hammer Loop

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I don't know about you but I don't have any jeans with a hammer loop anymore so I figured out how to do this one day when I was workin with my grandpa


A paracord bracelet IS NOT NECESSARY, any kind of loop of cord will work, my bracelet is just what I use because well it's there

Step 2: Materials

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Ok so you need 1) paracord bracelet (1) 2)Hammer (1) 3) Jeans (1 pair) or shorts with belt loops if you're one of those people who wear shorts

Step 3: Execution

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Fasten you're bracelet around either your first or second belt loop, whatever's comfortable, and stick your hammer in

Step 4: That's It

Yeah I know this was an easy almost common sense 'able but you read it so ha


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