Hint of Organizing Room for Pack Rats.





Introduction: Hint of Organizing Room for Pack Rats.

If you are pack rat, it's very difficult to organize your room. But, You don't have to throw them away. Just put them All on the wall! and make lots of junk to your personal interior decor.

Step 1: All You Need Is a Lot of Thumbtacks.

I like using 2 types of Thumbtacks. Bottom ones are good for hunging things like necklace and Top ones are for flat stuff.

Step 2: Put Your Collection on the Wall.

For example, pics, poster, your favorite CD, best scored test, flier, headphones, necklace, keys, etc.
Additional: If you are planning to buy new furniture for your room, I strongly recommend getting showcase (like in this picture) which protects small things from dust and become a great display.

Step 3: More Idea

Small plants make your room lively!
You can easily find these wooden boxes at dolor mart and just apply with nails by the window.

Step 4: More Idea

By using ropes and pinches or paper clips, you can hung stuff from ceilings.



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    Good advice, thanks.

    I have to try that. Really cool.