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Introduction: Hip Christmas Glitter Glasses

To make these Hip Christmas Glitter Glasses you will need:

-Boring Glasses in need of Christmas joy
-red and green glitter paper with or without sticky back (obtainable at dollar stores during the Christmas seasons)
-glue gun with sticks (optional)
-5 minutes

Start off by tracing the shape of the glasses frame on to the back of the glitter sheets. Trace the pieces in any design you wish. Cut out the pieces and apply to the glasses.

If your sheets have sticky back, peel off the protective sheet and carefully stick it to one side of the frame, carefully press down the rest of the sheet.

If the sheets do not have a sticky back, apply glue to the frame of the glasses, apply the sheets to the frame.

VIOLA!!! Those boring old glasses are now joyful Christmas versions of your aunts regular glasses



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    Oh, very nice. I bet kids would love these. :D