Picture of Hipster Poster Art
Free framed artwork, courtesy of the San Francisco scene.
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Step 1: Get the concert poster

Picture of Get the concert poster
This project began one Wednesday night in San Francisco. I was walking down Market Street, when I saw the Arctic Monkeys were playing at the Warfield that night. Awesome. I bought a ticket to the show (I guess this project was not entirely free) and enjoyed the show from the nose-bleed section during the We Are Scientists' set.

Between sets I went down to the lobby where I went and talked to the guys at the SFWeekly promotions booth. After chatting about the show, they hooked me up with floor tickets. A cute guy also used his free drink ticket to get me a vodka tonic.

After the show, the cute guy (Ryan), asked if I wanted to go out for drinks. I agreed so we headed out to Lower Haight.

On the way out the door, I got a free poster from the show.

Step 2: Get the frame

Picture of Get the frame
After a few drinks at the Madrone, Ryan and I stumbled back to his place. On the way I kept seeing these awesome piles of old stuff on the street. One of the reasons I love San Francisco is the amount of free crap left by the curbs.

In one nice pile of old stuff I found a pair of framed artworks. One was a nice sunset print and the other a drawing of Jesus with a lamb in his arms. I snagged them both.

I woke up the next morning on Ryan's couch and realized that I had to take the crappy artwork home. I had sworn to Ryan that I would hang them in my place (too many PBRs make any art good) so I took them home with me on the Caltrain.

Step 3: Realize that sometimes stuff is out by the curb for a reason

Picture of Realize that sometimes stuff is out by the curb for a reason
When sober I didn't really like the artwork, but I figured I could reuse the frames. The frames were wooden and fairly beat-up.

The frames needed a paint job. My lazy landlord had left a can of white paint under my bathroom sink for quick touch-ups. Free paint.

The landscape print was a bit smaller than the concert poster but the frame was large enough. So I took the frame apart and removed the print. Setting aside the glass, matting, and backing, I put the frame on top of some old sales papers and got to work.

I repainted the wooden frame a nice "apartment white."

Step 4: Enjoy your cheapness

Picture of Enjoy your cheapness
Lucky for me the mat's reverse side was solid black which matched a bit better than the original teal green. I reversed the mat and put the poster back in the frame.

Finally, I hung my amazing free poster art in my hallway. I kept the Jesus drawing just the way it was.

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freyadutta6 years ago
Dude you threw out a Munch painting kept a Jesus painting and framed a free poster. Your priorities are skewed!! All in all, i think the instructable should be re-named as its a piece on how to "frame" stuff, not how to "make stuff". Cheers.
Or she could name this "How I Found Jesus."
cheese106 years ago
What do you mean "who would hang this in their house??" ????? Seriously? Really? Um, let's see, I dunno, maybe people who actually have an understanding and appreciation for REAL art...I do like the arctic monkeys tho....good music...
E-chair6 years ago
its pretty amazing that you know often hand what specific piece of art that is. I would flirt with you but I have neither the social acumen nor the art knowledge to back me up.
You replaced Edvard Munch's Moon Light with a free band poster?!
moosey7 years ago
you just framed a picture!
Aw, lucky, you got to see Arctic Monkeys!!!!!
shoelessone7 years ago
Very sweet. But where is the jesus picture?
shooby7 years ago
This is rough. Damn hipster's, we gave you Portland and S.F., get off the internet and go drink P.B.R. at your L.B.S.
*snort* ahahhaha funny comments! XD
schnerby8 years ago
Ok according to the 'be nice' comment policy I will just say please keep your diary ramblings in your diary. An occasional aside is fine but not if the instructable is the aside. Well its only up from here...
xcursedx8 years ago
WOW an industrutable on how to put something in a picture frame,oh my fuggin gawd
leevonk8 years ago