Step 3: Realize that sometimes stuff is out by the curb for a reason

Picture of Realize that sometimes stuff is out by the curb for a reason
When sober I didn't really like the artwork, but I figured I could reuse the frames. The frames were wooden and fairly beat-up.

The frames needed a paint job. My lazy landlord had left a can of white paint under my bathroom sink for quick touch-ups. Free paint.

The landscape print was a bit smaller than the concert poster but the frame was large enough. So I took the frame apart and removed the print. Setting aside the glass, matting, and backing, I put the frame on top of some old sales papers and got to work.

I repainted the wooden frame a nice "apartment white."
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cheese106 years ago
What do you mean "who would hang this in their house??" ????? Seriously? Really? Um, let's see, I dunno, maybe people who actually have an understanding and appreciation for REAL art...I do like the arctic monkeys tho....good music...
E-chair6 years ago
its pretty amazing that you know often hand what specific piece of art that is. I would flirt with you but I have neither the social acumen nor the art knowledge to back me up.
You replaced Edvard Munch's Moon Light with a free band poster?!