Introduction: Hipster Wirless Rotating Photo/Note Display

A super cool way to display pictures or notes by using an old RC helicopter motor and the transmitter to make them rotate!

Step 1: Materials

Again another cheap cool project:


  • 5 CD disks
  • 2 CD holders
  • A cheap remote controlled helicopter
  • Cardboard
  • Rope
  • Elastic Bands


  • Glue gun
  • scissors

Step 2: The Motor Pt:1

The first step to building the part of this project that makes it all go round is to take apart an old helicopter. I bought mine on sale for 20 dollars and it's been laying around my house for ages.

The only part you need is the motor like seen in the second picture.

Step 3: The Motor Pt:2

The next step is to glue all the pieces down to a piece of cardboard. when gluing it down make sure the switch to turn it on and off is on the outside and you can easily access the charging port. I did this by leaving one side open.

I used 6 strips of cardboard to attach to top and bottom pieces of cardboard. (make sure there is a hole so the metal part can stick through the top like in the final picture.)

**make sure you use a lot of glue to keep the moter from sliding around when the elastic is pulling on it later on

Step 4: Turning Components

To build these parts start of buy tracing the CDs and cut them out. When cutting it out make it a little bit smaller than the CD. Make sure after you cut them that the middle part is large enough that it wont be seen when the CD is placed on top.

After cutting both of these out take the CDs and cover both sides like shown in the last picture and glue it all together.

Step 5:

On one of the CDs you're going to add another cardboard circle and CD. Make sure all the holes line up.

Step 6: Pivots

So to make sure the CDs rotate in kinda the same area I used elastics to prevent the CDs from sliding off, like in the last picture.

Step 7: Set Up

Attach each CD piece to the wall in whichever manner you like, just make sure it's solid.

Using tape I was able to attach the cardboard box to the wall Although you can't see in this picture use an elastic band and put one end around the metal turning bit of the motor and the other part between the CDs on the cardboard part.

** Make sure that the motor is attached to the pivot with the 3 CDs

( do your best to make sure the elastic band is horizontal for best results.)

The last step is cut and tie a piece of rope so it is circular and lope it around both Cd's on the pivots.

** for the pivot attached to the motor make sure the Rope and elastic are not on the same piece of cardboard but they are each on their own or else it will get tangled.

Lastly I added a mobile power bank and attached it to the charging port on the motor so i wont have to worry about it running out of power, again it's just taped to the wall.

Step 8: Use

I don't have the best picture of it set up, but you can add pictures, notes, concert tickets or whatever you'd like with paper clips and when its turned on use the helicopter remote to make the pictures rotate!


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