So you've got a fixie bike. That's cute. But if you're using a bike lock with the mother of all ugly keys, it won't do you any good in terms of street cred. It's attention to detail that will make you stand out of the crowd. Maybe.

So my bike just got stolen (they shall burn in hell) and I had to get a new one, including a Trelock bike lock. Since I have the key in my pocket I noticed that it is surprisingly sharp and threatening of punching a hole and ugly as hell. So, since I had two keys, I decided to open up one and see if I can make a nice cover. It wasn't really planned, 't was more a "key in hand and hey there lies a plier" thing. When I had pried it open I was extremely pleasantly surprised that the metal part had the exact shape I wanted. It's like they made it with this hack in mind. It's positively begging you to do it.

You will need:

  • 5 minutes of your time
  • a scrap piece of leather (I used veg tan leather [1.5mm thickness] and Fiebings Oil Dye)
  • a chicago screw (aka. sex bolt, barrel nut)
  • a rivet with some setting tool
  • some basic tools [cutter, hole punch]
  • obviously a key of some kind

Step 1: Disassemble the Key

Should you use the same lock you can just apply some pressure with a side cutter or a screwdriver to the groove indicated by the arrows. Should you not be so lucky you might have to take off the plastic cap by force. And if the resulting piece of metal isn't shaped appropriately you might have to drill a hole and do some filing.

<p>I am looking forward to you devising cycling accessories incorporating poisonous spines to catch out bike thieves!</p><p>Neat key fob, thanks.</p>
<p>I really like your thinking there...</p>
Great instructable! I was wondering what could boost my hipster cred now that my manbun's become mainstream :P<br><br>One question though, where did you get your Chicago screws (sex bolts, etc.)? I can't seem to find them anywhere ever.
<p>Haha, have the same problem over here. It would be most fitting to mill a chicago screw by hand out of an old reclaimed railroad spike. But you could always just hide your bun, turn off instagram and look for it on ebay. Try any given search tag (chicago screw works just fine) and you'll get plenty of options. I bought mine in a leather materials shop but then again, I live in Switzerland..</p>
<p>Ah, that would be good. Especially if I used my great grandfather's special miling tools he designed himself, but never released to the public. eBay's probably my best bet I think. Or Aliexpress, which seems to have a little bit of everything these days. I'll be sure to report should I find something easily accesible.</p>
<p>bikes actually have keys??</p>
In this special case keys actually have bikes!
Hello,<br>I live in Belgium-Europe and almost every bicycle here has an axa lock mounted on the frame at the rear wheel. It is practically standard issue and - of course - you need a key to unlock it.<br>Greetings :-)<br>
<p>That is sooooo hip!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>why would anyone admit to being a hipster?</p>
<p>Amazing little project. Okay--I`m doing it. </p>
<p>hi i love hipster....</p>
<p>'Manly!' Excelllent!</p>
<p>But was your leather locally sourced from an organic free range farm? I'm into leather projects you've never even heard of!... just kidding, very nice project ;)</p>
Damn, for a moment you got me! :)
<p>very cool</p>
<p>very nice.</p>
<p>very cool, good idea. looks good!</p>
<p>Very good</p>
<p>Cool. The simplest is always the best. Nice Instuctables.</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>what is better bags or soda holders</p>
<p>definitely trees!</p>
<p>That looks great!</p>

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