Boys will be boys ...and they break toys  :-1...
So what can you do with those broken cars???
Make Coat Racks!...
Well since there are little girls too...thought to make some girly once for them too!

Step 1: Materials

Broken car tiers with axel
Tree branches
3" x 22" - wood plank
Colored net or flowers of your choice
When I was a little girl, I would have loved the car wheels coat rack. The flowery one, not so much. <br>Neat idea though!
Thanks! ...hmmm....what do you think i should do to make the girls more interesting that you would want one??:-D add leaves??....hmmm...i must think on this
Well, I would have wanted one if it had car wheels... or dinosaurs.
Congrats! All the best
Me too ,I like the boys one.Cute
Thanks :-)
love it!
Very nice! I love the boys one, using the wheels was a great idea :D
Thanks! That is my favorite too!..it's so bright and colorful!

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