Picture of His and Hers LEGO costumes
We used Kaged Kombat's brilliant Instructable ( to make two more lego people with added hands and evening wear. 
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Step 1: Hands

Picture of Hands
We could only find 50mm polystyrene in time so everything was cut twice and stuck in pairs to make up the thickness. We drew a couple of circles and added the wrist to make a template then used a marker to outline them on polystyrene.

We used a padsaw to cut the polystyrene at first which worked really well to get the basic shape but wasn't the neatest. When we did the second pair of hands we used a junior hacksaw blade with small teeth that worked much better. 

Step 2: Body

Picture of Body
We followed Kaged Kombat's formula of cardboard for the bodies

We cut two large boxes up to create the bodies, then taped the 4 sides together before covering them with a couple of layers of papier mache. We used PVA and water at first but wallpaper paste seemed to work better. We then covered them in a coat of white emulsion. 
Love the pictures - the costumes turned out great :D
Looks awesome! Love the mustaches and bow ties :)
Also, since this is your first Instructable, you should mention it on the Rewards for New Authors page!