In our instructions below, we explain how to make your fruit garnish and your own simple syrup in addition to an Old Fashioned.

Step 1: History of an Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned is a cocktail that can be made with either brandy or whiskey depending on your preference or the situation. We preferred to make our cocktail with brandy. If you prefer a slightly sweeter drink, we would recommend you use brandy. If you are an avid whiskey drinker, an Old Fashioned is a great change of pace from the standard whiskey seven or on the rocks.

The Old Fashioned cocktail was originated in Louisville, Kentucky at a gentleman’s club and quickly adapted by the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

In our instructions below, we explain how to make your fruit garnish and your own simple syrup in addition to an Old Fashioned.
One of the great things about the Old Fashioned is that it can be made in so many different ways, depending on your tastes or style preferences. &nbsp;For me, I like my Old Fashioned to be as simple as possible. The goal is to enhance the flavor of the whiskey or rye, not to mask it, and thus I avoid muddled fruit, carbonated beverages, and shakers<br> <br> In a highball glass:<br> <br> * 1-2 sugar cubes, depending on how sweet you like your Old Fashioned. Note that this is not intended to be a particularly sweet drink<br> * 4-8 dashes of Angostura bitters to taste. &nbsp;<br> <br> Use your muddler or the back of a spoon to mix the bitters and sugar into a loose paste. &nbsp;Add just enough filtered water to dissolve the sugar and bitters mixture. Add one shot (1.5oz) of whiskey or rye, not brandy. Stir briefly to combine, add ice cubes to fill the glass, and garnish with an unmuddled maraschino cherry or citrus rind. &nbsp;Just toss it on top, no need to be fancy<br> <br> Not only is this version much closer to the original drink, but it also avoids dirtying any extra glasses as everything is done within a single highball glass. &nbsp;The version presented in the instructable is more like what you get if you order an Old Fashioned at a night club.
<p>Well typed sir!</p>
Actually, I meant to say do all that in a lowball glass, not highball. This is a small drink, and should fit in a short glass.
This has been a drink I've grown up with at my grandparent's house. (No, I did not have this as a child). The way my aunt always makes it is with approximately two teaspoons of sugar, two or so dashes of bitters, a finger or two of Kessler bourbon, the rest of the glass filled with ginger ale, and a half slice of orange. All done in that exact order and with the orange sliced in the exact same way as the lemon in this 'ible! <br>One of my favorite drinks by far! It is always slightly different no matter where you go!
Yes! One of my favorite drinks. :D

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