so today im going to show you how to make a cow usb like this one...

Step 1:

What you would need is the following:

- usb ( flash drive )
- a foam cow or something to place your usb on, like a toy train
- a knife or cutter

haha cool
where did you get the cow
Gateway (computer company) used to give customers a very similar cow with a system purchase years ago (around 1997?). Be aware there was a recall on them and this featured foam cow might have the same hazard, that pieces of it easily break off and can be a choking hazard to children.<br><br>Indeed, I have 2 of these cows and just sitting on a desk (nobody playing with them) the head is starting to crack and fall off.<br><br>Recall info,<br><br>http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml00/00002.html
i got it from a milk factory XD mi uncle is the owner
i got one at cows ice cream in wistler
WhY iS YoUr TiTlE LiKe ThIs?
idk ... lolz
I would change it, alt caps are worse than all caps.
changed lolz hehe

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