Step 8: Door Hinges

I had a small hinge about 2cm long, but I needed it to be smaller and I needed it two of them.  I managed to cut it in half and it worked fine.  I painted the two hinges and the tops of the screws black.
<p>an easier way to do this part would be to overlay a piece of thing clear plastic and use a black glue fill - would mean less steps and be easier to remove to put onto the wood</p>
<p>This is amazing....!!! Really excellent job! I loved it!</p>
<p>such a cool idea, I modified it to make it onto a cat door. Still have to add the hinges and lock and then install it.</p>
<p>Awesome what a great idea to make it as a cat door.</p>
I agree with zkhokhar. The thing IS a beauty!
This is absolutely GORGEOUS! Truly a thing of beauty. I'm a little afraid of diving into felting, so maybe I can manage something with paint and torn paper? Perhaps a little Shire-collage. <br> <br>Actually, I'd like to adapt this into a small pendant. Either openable like yours or, if a nice hinge isn't feasible at that side, perhaps the Shire-view on the reverse of the door? I'll be busy plotting. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
A small pendant would be really cool, I would love to see how it turns out.
Congratulations ChrysN! I love this instructable, it is so different!
Thanks sunshiine!
Congratulations for winning Furnishings Special Judges' Prize in Furniture Contest. Great Show.
Thank you!
I almost missed this. What a fantastic project. Your projects always inspire me! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you sunshiine!
You could also use puffy paint or fabric paint
Brings fond memories just looking at it, I really enjoyed the books.
The idea is very good! However you could have done it a lot better... Try a second one ;)
i'm not sure if you are aware , but they do make colored hot glue. i get mine at jo-anns. it cost just a smidge more than normal hot glue, but it would save you a lot of trouble on this step to use it. :) <br>
Cool! I'm going to try something like this for my mum :)
cool idea. my only peeve with this is that the handle is supposed to be in center of the door.
I really like it :) nice work :)
This is really nice, and I'd jump at the oppertunity to make something like this! If only I knew how to use needle felt, or even how to knit, haha ^^'
Nice work on this. I'd screw it up though, and use Robert Frost on my version.
That's not a bad idea, you could have two pathways leading from the door, and quote the poem &quot;The road not taken&quot;.
Trick for making the Ironwork easier. <br>Place you Image of the ironwork under a sheet of glass and apply hotglue to that. <br>It will peal off easier and no need to trim off the paper mess. <br>
Great advice! Thank you!
This is so beautiful, I love it!
Such attention to detail, I think this is really neat.
What a LOVELY piece of work! <br> <br>A really nice project and a well documented Instructable. <br> <br>Have you heard of &quot;Fairy Doors&quot;?
I had not heard of them and googled it. Now I have an idea for my fairy-obsessed daughter! Thanks!
Yes, I have seen some fairy doors, they are so cute. My door is a bit bigger but I guess it could be scaled down.
Lovely is the word. I felt a little shiver of spring and adventure when I saw the open door!
You have wonderfully capable hands and a very creative re-purposing mind !!!<br> <br> As an example you are the ultimate 3D printer with the ornate ironwork :)<br> <br> A
I'm going to make a hobbit door for our garden, I think I will draw some inspiration from you, maybe even the idea of making it so that it can be opened... Thanks for sharing!
Cool, I'd love to see it when your done.
This is great!
That's beautiful!
absolutely wonderful. GREAT JOB!

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