Hobbit Feet





Introduction: Hobbit Feet

Use household items to transform your feet into hobbit feet! This simple trick only takes a few minutes and really brings your costume to the top.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Brown or Black Thread
Craft Glue

Step 2: Get the Glue Out!

Get the glue out. Squirt about three-five small drops of glue on your foot. (Add more if you have bigger feet). Spread the glue around the top of your foot, and a little over the toes.

Step 3: The Hair

Pull out a couple of yards of thread and arrange in a small pile.  Role the pile in the palm of your hand so it gets twisted and curly.
Apply the thread to your foot, and spread it around so it looks more like hair.

Step 4: Dry!

Now just sit back and let your feet dry. Your feet have been transformed into hobbit feet! Have fun!

To get it off, pull the thread off and wash the glue away with soapy warm water.



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    you have hobbit feet without the hair so why bother

    That so adorable! I'm doing that as soon as I get some glue

    hahahaha. need to show this to all of my freinds! or maybe ill just give them hobbit feet while they be sleeping...... >:)

    Thanks for this! I was bored and I found something fun and constructive to do!

    Ah yes, very constructive.

    Cool, Hey did you know that there are two fan movies out based on the Lord of the Ring films?


    Yeah, Born of Hope and The Hunt for Gollum on youtube. they are really good!

    I would have to shave my feet if I wanted them to look like hobbit's feet :D.

    What if my feet look like that anyway?